Here in this vault of the Echoside you will find dark poetry.  All of this is original work done by myself.  It has come from the darkest inner parts of my mind and soul.  It has been deemed ingenious, sick, twisted, powerful, and utterly disgusting.  Keep an open mind and, you never know you just may like it.

Poems with titles followed by the letter "D" are devotional poems.

Sonnet 1

Like a snake I am coiled and twisted
Like barbed wire I am strung out and pointy
My chance to heaven came and I missed it
Like a psycho I'm mad sick and crazy
Like a rock on a cliff I'm unstable
Because of you I'm totally insane
Take my hand and put it thru the table
Been told something's wrong with my bloody brain
For all the pain and suffering you have done
You have crossed me for the last time today
Now it is time for me to stop your fun
On your knees it is time for you to pay
Because of what you have done I'm this way
Don't mess with me I might snap this very day

State of Dismemberment

I'm feeling unstable
Mentally I'm unstable
For you it is time to die
And you my victim I don't know why
Blade of steel strong and thin
Anxiously slicing and gliding thru your skin
You see the blood now aren't we having fun
You watch helpless as limbs fall one by one
They hit the floor with a sickening thud
You try to scream but only heard is gurgling blood

Chain Saw Chain Saw

Chain saw Chain saw
Raw power and steel
Chain saw Chain saw
Rev it up and go for the kill
Chain saw Chain saw
Let it spin and watch the blood fly
Chain saw Chain saw
Your mind clouds as you die

Deathly Insane

Look at me I know you want to
What you see is an illusion it isn't true
Like a nasty chocolate
I look good on the outside but taste nasty on the inside
I am your worst nightmare in disguise
Darkness tears at my soul
The voices tell me to do their will
I try to fight but it is no good
Mark of evil
Hell before your eyes
Can't think straight
So cut out my brain

Churchyard Slaughter

Holy, holy place
House of God
Thoughts, thoughts in my head
Sick thoughts get them out
Black, Dressed in black
Dressed in black so that all can see
Heart, heart pounding fast
Pounding fast time is near
Bust, bust open doors see the faces
Faces of fear and confusion
Shoot, shoot round by round
Shooting all that moves
Why, why am I doing this?
Can't control my rage
Vent all my anger
It's been done
It's final no turning back
Innocent people die
They and I don't know why
Angels they will be
In heaven eternal happiness they will see
Heaven for them hell for me
Written from the point of view of the killer in the church atrocity.
Dedicated to the shooting victims of the horrendous church atrocity

Blow Your Mind

Look at you you're blank
Look at me I am full of color I am black
Your head full of holes
Look at mine and I'll make one more
With my silver inside
Hold my hand but not too hard
Because if you do one thing will lead to another and I'll blow your mind
Drop me put me down leave me alone
And I'll do it to another just like you


Always on the outside looking in
My Mask My Mask
Looking out not in
False face blasphemy
Put it on never take it off again
Fear and terror rein King
Listen to the choir of hell sing
7 voices they become one
Getting louder at the rising of the sun
Die die die die death


Take it down all the hate and rage the irate
It is time to terminate
Draw back, strike
Hit, spark

Hell's Express

Died with an anger
That was hell bent on revenge
With a one way ticket to hell in a hand basket
For the express train straight down
Ain't gonna see the sunshine tomorrow
Finally it is your maker who brings you down
Down down down better ring that bell
Stopping at the gates of hell
He says welcome to the underground world where the demons play
You ain't gonna see the sunshine tomorrow
No way
Because here my son this is where you stay


Vast cavern of filth and rage
Pointy pillars of ivory
Long demon lies with in
His voice is the evil
He likes to come out and play
Likes to twist wrap and strangle
Threw away his pacifistic way
War of the words they collide
The cavern vs. the demon
The cavern crumbles pillars fall
Impaling the demon

Inner Mind

Look inside yourself
Your conscience is a dirty mirror
You try to clean it
But it never gets clearer
All the people see is the untrue
Reflected by the dirty mirror inside of you
I sit and rack my brain till it's black and blue
Thoughts and actions are a shade of gray
I close my eyes and it won't go away

Polterchrist D

Take it out on me
Put me on a tree
With outstretched hands so all can see
Give to me all your pain and hate
For it is all I know
Cut me open and the blood will flow
An outward sign of pain I show
Sinking slowly in this lightless void
Sinking deeper I can't get out
I think I am dying
I can't stop it
I am through
It's final
I'm dead


Sometimes you want to die
Give up and end it all
Put a slug in your head
Oh you want to be dead
Somebody split your melon
When you're dead your eyeballs start swelling
Your body is in the river sinking and it won't stop
Soon your body will be bloated and you'll be at the top
Cold on the shore laying there still and oh so sweet
Soon the birds will come and you they will eat

To Disembowel

To disembowel there is one thing to remember
Cut straight, straight for the liver
Spill guts, spill guts on the floor
Drag your mangled corpse
Leaving a blood trail going out the door
Enemy, thorn in my side
Now that you are dead
You will not be wasting my time


Soft-shell holds within
Everything erased by the sin
Can't speak you have nothing to say
Because your facial features have weathered away
Oblivious to the world that you can't see
Because you have no eyes to see me
It's OK for like you I can't see, but
Unlike you I have sewn my eyes shut

Untitled 2

Your emotions cold and callused
Live by your mother malice
Nobody ever cared about you
Now what the hell are you gonna do
Conscience is black as coal
Hate rots at your soul
On the world you turn your back
Noose on your neck gives no slack
Die now and fade to black


Chains overbearing
Holding me down
Cold and helpless
Chained to the ground
Tied, gagged, and bounded
There is nobody around that I can see
Nobody around to hear me
Left alone here to die
The only question I have is why
All I want of you is to
Cut my fxcking chains
Cut my fxcking chains
And release me
And let me go
Just cut my fxcking chains
Just cut my fxcking chains
Free me and let me go
Free me and let me live


I just wanna go off the deep end
Dive head first into the pool of razors
Looking down a barrel of a gun
Under water staring up at the sun
Looking for help but there is no one
Have u ever looked into the face of death
Have u ever looked into the face of death
I have and it isnít fun


Tired, darkness in my brain
Can't think I must be going insane
All thoughts turn to gray
Can't speak there's nothing to say
Can't move because there is no way
No limbs so I can't move
There is only silence for the soul it will soothe

After It All

When I die and I'm dead
Take the sheets off my bed
Soaked with blood from the hole in my head
Before I am gone from you give me a kiss
For soon my face will be forgotten and it you will not miss
Though I've gone to a better place than this
When I'm gone my legacy will die
Leaving you hopeless staring at the sky
Living life happy although you pretend
When you are dead we'll meet again
In the sky by the Pearly Gate
Everything will be erased sin, greed, and hate

The Edge D

Standing quietly on the edge of it all
Something pulls me back not allowing me to fall
There is a light in my darkness
In my darkness there is a small light
Calming me down and taking care of my fright
Voice in the darkness tells me something it had to say
"Turn around and don't go out that way!"
Because of the voice and my light in the darkness I am here today
Shining light on my path and listening to what it has to say


In the wee hours late at night I dream
Thru the window I see the moon so bright
Shining with an angelic glow so white
Lying in bed I cannot move now
For the restraints, chains, straps, and belts still me
In bed on my back it is my world
No colors for me all I see is white
Silence is the word that rules in my life
Muzzled, gagged, and muffled I lay so still
The voices I hear so I'll do their will

Untitled 3

Walking among you
Human I am too
Afraid to look at me
I'm afraid to look too
Notice everybody but me
Open your eyes can't you see
Why are you so blind to me?
Never an action of mine do you see?
Step into my world my mind
Then you will become blind


He brought me in
But now I'm taking him out
Hiding behind my mask
All the years have come and gone
Each and everyone could have been his last
Fxcked his life through his lifetime
Now he is trying to come and fxck up mine
Stay away from me
You can't control me
Stay the Fxck away
He can't buy me anymore
Get the Fxck back

Internal Rot

Bubbling inside of me
Pain, hate, and rage waiting to flee
Internal rot
Internal onslaught
Festering thru the soft flesh
Creates a bucket of puss at its best
Rotting outward never in
Slowly seeping thru the skin
Swallow it and rot it again


Death comes quickly with impact
With a force that leaves nothing intact
Blunt end used for banging the nail
Duel sharp end for its tail
It's not longer for use on the wall
I'll take my hammer and crack your skull
Swinging my tool gives me no distress
Watching the blood rise in the abscess
Grizzly murder and nothing more
Looking at your body and the flesh so soft I tore
This was the best the night of all nights
Watching my hammer go through your pearly whites
In the alleyway the rain does fall
Washing away all that springs forth from your skull
Finally it's done now back to the box its home
Beside my other deadly toys where it's not alone

I'm Not Feeling So Good

Wandering around in the dark
For I have no where to go
And I don't care anymore
I'm not feeling so good
I wish you would care I would
Falling apart I have no where to go
Wasting away to nothing but skin and bone
And I don't care anymore
I'm not feeling so good
I wouldn't want your help if you could
The end is coming near
I see my future so clear no fear
Pull the trigger and from my eye comes a tear
And I don't care anymore
I'm not feeling so good
You are feeling guilty inside you should

Maggots in the Flesh

The Dead seem useless, but they are not
There is a world deep within the rot
Crawling deep in the skin
Living inside their rotten friend
Eating thru the skin making the body look like Swiss
Their world the maggot's heavenly bliss
In your head the eyes from the sockets they chew
And you are dead and there is nothing you can do

Caverns of the Dead

Mangled corpses on the floor
Everyone rotten to the core
Gaping flesh wounds the skin they tore
In the caverns of the dead
The river runs thru
The river runs red
Lost souls left in lingo
Dead children with nowhere to go
They never had any strife
Cuz they never lived their life
In the caverns of the dead
The stale musty wind does gust
The inhabitants sit and with time turn to dust

Untitled 4

Do you know the author?
The author of your life
Well you walk around blind
Living a life of strife
Well he's your father
The one who made you be
Well open your eyes
Oh why can't you see?
You asked to be saved
You got down and begged
To live a life in eternity
But you're so blind
You'll never see

Requiem for the Living

Look at him he's Thomas Clouse
He lives in his own private house
Living a relaxed and luxurious life
But he comes home and beats his wife
After he's done "I'm sorry honey."
Lush job he has all sorts of money
Yeah he has kids three girls and a son
Guess what? He beats every one
3 trucks, a boat, and a Mercedes Benz
But he's a snob the rich bastard has no friends
All he knows is work and home
Other than that he is all alone
Oh look he heard what we said
Saw his life how it is and put a bullet in his head

Punk 1

When the moon comes out at night
And all the stars shine bright
We come out the freaks and creeps
While the city sleeps
With our ass to the wind
And our nose to the sky
Oh we wish you would die
Burning houses and wrecking cars
Starting fights in the bars
Breaking necks and twist a spine
But we do it all the time
With our ass to the wind
And our nose to the sky
Oh we wish you would die


As the day turns to night
Out they come into flight
Zipping swiftly thru the sky
Listening for the faintest cry
Landing on a shoulder to calm your fears
Helping you wipe away all your tears
In life you seem to live it alone
But you're not they are everywhere
For their wings, the air they have blown

Untitled 5

Speeding thru the midnight hour
With your speed you have the power
Up in the road comes a curve
Black ice you start to swerve
Squealing tires windshield smash
Full speed, head on crash
Adrenaline rush
Splatter the road
Diamonds in the rough

Untitled 6

Waking up from a restful sleep
From their beds the sleepy children creep
Getting ready for the day with a shower
To them their lives are theirs they have the power
Saying goodbye to their family felt strange but why?
Little knowing to them but today they would die
Walking thru the halls and talking to a friend
Busting thru the doors comes two gunmen bringing lives to an end
Heavily armed shooting without a care
Worried kids turned to God in prayer
Can't you hear them now all the worried cries?
Halls become raceways as they run for their lives
Exploding bombs throwing shrapnel into the air
Nails and glass shot forth and the flesh |t does tear
Into the library in which the kids did study
Now the walls are all red and bloody
The gunmen comes upon one whose live will pay the toll
"Do you believe in God?Ē he says. On this lies her soul
The answer was yes and that's what she said
Suddenly and cold heartedly she got shot in the head
From the hole her life does drain
But she's with God she feels no pain
The gunmen were surrounded so they put a bullet in their head
After all of their killing now they too are dead
Injuries and death that day did cost
Covering the town with a saddened frost
Turn to God and that's just what they did
God watched over each and every kid
So turn inward and look at your heart
He's with you and you'll never part
We want to feel the peace not the hate colored red
Because in the halls you can hear the whispered thoughts of the dead

(Dedicated to the shooting victims of Columbine High School...You will never be forgotten.)

White Knights

Get on your horse and put on your hood
White knights and were up to no good
Traveling swiftly w/ our burning cross
We are the white men we are the boss
Get the rope find a tree
This man will pay you will see
Burn his house rape his wife
Slit the children's throats with a knife
Violated woman hear her cry
As we carry her lover off to die
The next part comes with no excuse
Around his neck goes the noose
His last word his final plea
Watch him swinging in the tree
On the horses and off we ride
Wadeing thru the tears thousands have cried
Oh the hood you wear and the crosses you burn
And all this time why haven't you learned
We have heard all the hatred you have said
We'll take your hood off then you will be dead

Pulling My Pin

Hate, taking it all
I am your pincushion
Laugh now, but you will be the first to fall
No more buttons of mine will you be pushing
Time bomb set
It's only time till I go
You have pulled my pin
Now just watch me explode
Into the darkness
With my explosive force
Blow away kindness
Leaving my soul oh so coarse
Time bomb set
It's only time till I Go
You have pulled my pin
Now just watch me explode


Shattered, in the sky
Broken, It won't fly
No halo
No wings
Angel, in the chorus it no longer sings
Fallen, from the sky
No hope for it to fly
Heaven fell down to us
In me it must trust
Rejected, from above
With no one for it to love
Looking up I wonder why
How such a thing could not be wanted
To be tossed out from the sky
Heavenly tear falls from its eye
As I watched my angel die

Untitled 7

I will cut me a new life
Carve out all the strife
I will carve me a new life
Give me my edge
This on my blood I pledge
Give me a way out
Canít anybody hear me shout?
Drowning deeper giving in
Sinking slowly into sin
My life is mine give it back
Giving up fade to black
Blood flying everywhere
Carving out souls one by one
Doing this for the forgotten one
Crushing slowly dark and sin
Why oh lord did u let this life begin
Gun to mouth guts to wall
Sudden death and that's all

The One Man War

In a vast panoramic scene
The human race it can be mean
One man army off to war
Simple minded at the core
In the war they call life
It can bring you much pain and strife
One against the one thousand
Fighting the war that has no end
Though the weak ones fight and fall
The will never rise to another battle call
Wounded soldiers, if these scars could speak
Tore out the souls of the weak
Buried deep within the ground
Deep in the earth they hear no sound
Although they fought and did die
Their soul was set free to the sky

I Fall Away

Innocesne taken away
Falling further everyday
Against the thorns upon we lay
Loosing hope
Leaving me tattered and torn
Anger swells from within
Withheld don't let it seep in
Anguish of the soul
Yelling to the wind

Deeper I Sink

Downward spiral down I go
Even thru the ground below
Ever sinking in the ground
Pathway to the underworld
Enter the gates of crimson bliss
Redder than a ruddy kiss
Into the flames
Singe in the heat
Inferno it engulfs
Narrow becomes the escape
Knowing my destiny

Untitled 8 D

It seems to be that time of night
When I just sit and think
And dream of the one that will come
The one that can see the real me
Thru the mist of time
The one that can see where I come from
I dare to dream the undreamable dream
And have them take me under their wings and never let go

The Silent Apology D

Long is the road of life
And one day it comes to an end
Looking over the days of yesterday
Talking, living, enjoying life w/ a friend
Don't fall into rank like others
Don't stand for lower standards
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart and push the limits
Living the game we call life
We stand side by side
Lean into and we're support for each other
Comforting all the tears we have cried
Our hearts can be lonely places
Buried deep within
Though some may be forgotten
But a friends limit has no end
Because you will always remember their faces

Consume the Flesh

Ignite the beast
Pyro feast
Whipping and spinning
Heated and charred from the beginning
Consume the flesh
Take whatís left
All can see
What has become of me?
Redden skull
Deaths last call
Blood and embers
Smells of burning flesh remembered

Stress Caused Panic

Schizophrenic thoughts in my brain
Too tough to bear it
Relax it's not what it seems
Enough of this bullshxt
Slowly cracking
Seeping thru the seams
Cut off from the world
And I feel so fxcking empty
Useless are the words I speak
Still I try to fight
Endless armies of nobody
Determined they are out to get me
Paranoia visions seen
Annihilate reality
Never have I seen before
Infinity faces of laughter
Carving at my soul

Untitled 9 D

Broken shards I walk on
Shattered from my life
Your bed of roses
Is my bed of nails
Then you wake up
And find out that you don't matter anymore
Shut out on my exodus
Out numbered in this game of life
And caught up in this tangled web of strife
Rip and snare, the soul it tears apart
So climb upward
Off this bed we lay
Look forward live for tomorrow
And forget about today

Say Goodbye to Those I Love D

Behold the vision my destiny
Say goodbye to those I love
Hatefilled ending consuming me
Say goodbye to those I love
Faceless laughter Hateful lies
Say goodbye to those I love
Mindless static racing heart
Say goodbye to those I love
Lay down burdens on my cross
Say goodbye to those I love
Loosing slowly fading away
Say goodbye to those I love
One last touch one last look
Say goodbye to those I love

Tear Them down D

Lord I ask
Why don't you tear your knuckles down?
Tear them down from your holy wood
So still you lie frozen in their lies
Silenced in the frost you show us of your love
Why don't you tear your knuckles down?
Still bounded to your holy wood
Signs of nations, mass religions
Symbol of your love for us
So violently depicted, your sign of love and forgiveness
If we could only trade places
I'd tear your knuckles down

Untitled 10 D

Lay me down
And I'll rip open
Myself for you
Looking deep with in
Finding nothing but you
Guiding light
Watched over by night
Still you mean
Everything to me
Hear my cries
Hear my cries
Sprung forth from my heart
My frustration
My desperation
That I bring to you
But still you call
And I give it my all
To make my life yours


Slow is the change
But steady is my future
Goals in range
Snuffed out by murder
They say things change
But nothing will ever change
Nations of zombies
Feeding on my brain
I think the worlds on heroine
But no one seems to care

Untitled 12 D

I'm here I live my life
In this sea of humanity
I'm an Island all alone
But you're standing right next to me
But I'm not worthy of your love
Because you are so much better than me
I'll take you into my life
Open my eyes so that I can see
When the down times they may come
I'll be crying
With you by my side I'll never give up
I'll keep living
But I'm not worthy of your love
Because you are so much better than me
I'll take you into my life
Open my eyes so that I can see
You are the father I'm your son
So many the names but you're the holy one
In my life and in my mind your name I will defend
You mean so much to me I'll love you till the end
But I'm not worthy of your love
Because you are so much better than me
I'll take you into my life
Open my eyes so that I can see


Here is a question to ask yourselfÖ.
Why me?
I don't understand
Why does it happen to me?
Can't they see?
Can't they see what they are doing to me?
Will things ever come my way?
Why is that every time I open up I get crushed?
Why can't I show my emotions?
Do I tear myself to shreds to rid the pain?
I thought I grew out of that shxt?
Do I start things and in my face they blow up?
Do I get caught in the middle of things and get fxcked up?
If I only knew
But things happen again
Just let me go, give up, and don't try
Just let me close my eyes and don't try
And don't ask why?

Gallows in My Head

Endless halls of nothing
Shadows in my mind
Always looking for something
Searching for a sign
Rusty the gearwork it does tick
The timeless noise that makes one sick
Fingers pointing but not at time
Never at the face of others, always mine
I can't blame it on what I heard or what they said
I create my own gallows in my head
Mentally alive, but to the world I'm dead
Loosing grasp of reality my thoughts turn red

Techno Fantasy

Timeless beats pound
Every inch of my soul
Calling me to dance
Harder and harder every sound
Never dull never slowing
Opening my mind to another level
Faster my body moves
An anatomical dance machine
Now in full motion
To the addictive sound
A new horizon awaits me
Surrounding me with its warmth
Your fantasy becomes reality

Fear Is How We Live

Fear is how we live
Evading all we know
Answers are so unclear
Running because itís all that we know how to do

So frail

How can we go on like this?
Oppressed by the unknown
Waiting for it to pass

Will we ever win this?
Ever ending game of deception

Lost in a Labyrinth
Intertwined by the vines of our selfishness
Venom it sinks within our souls
Etching its scars from the inside out

On My Mind

Ongoing is the party of my life
Nights of restless sleep

Music throbs thru my head
Your right next to me

Memories that would last forever
Inside my heart I cherish these few hours
Never have I enjoyed myself more
Dancing with the ones that I love

Can You Overdose On Love?

Canít get this thought out of my head
Another silly question of life that
Nobody has the answer to

Yet some think they have the answer
Or are they sadly mistaken
Under the misdirection of their false reality

Overdose is such a strong word
Vastly overbearing a negative connotation
Emotions can feel that way at times
Rendering their victims helpless
Drowning in their own demise
On the outside of reality and
Suddenly life hits them in the face
Even harder than before

On that I rest my case
Never does the word have and exact meaning or definition

Love isnít it a crazy thing
Overdosing on it wouldnít be bad
Very intense the feelings would be
Even though I wouldnít really mind

Feelings I Can't Express

Forever feels like an eternity
Even though times are rough
Envy brews inside wanting to release
Lost feelings of my emotions
Inward hate upon myself
Never shown outward thru my veil of laughter and smiles
Giving up again on it all
So I sit here and wonder why

I canít get them out

Canít you see the frustration?
Another chance missed
Not again like before
To tough to bear it

Expressing the feelings felt within
Xactly never came easy
Probably from my lack of emotions
Restless in my soul
Everything seems to be a waste
So why do I even try?
So again I sit here and wonder why

I Am Not My Own

I am so fucking lost

Another sad failure
Myself I feel so empty

Now I am left alone
On the exodus of my life
To decide my own fate

My decisions my thoughts so blurred
Yelling into the wind with anguish

Ongoing I feel this struggle
Winning is no longer the key
Nobody seems to care why should I?


Fucked Again

Fun times turned to tears
Unforeseen turn of events
Controlling my life
Knocked on my ass by reality again
Even harder than before
Disillusioned by my emotions

Another try failed
Going nowhere fast in my life
Again I am fucked
I try to figure out how I get myself in these situations
Now I see why I never get anything right

Walk Away

I never knew it could feel like this
Trapped in side my box shaped life
I wish I could break free
Break free from my pain and addiction
And just turn and walk away

People I meet in my life
The ones that seem to care
As I see they start to love me I turn
Afraid to be hurt so I turn
I turn then I walk away

I just wanted to be loved
I just wanted to care
But instead Iím damaged by my past
I have learned to turn and walk away

Mirrored Reality

Why do I feel like I have done this before
A vision from the past
My life seems to be stuck on rewind
I keep going back to old habits
My old ways keep coming back
I wish there was some way I could stop this
My unending loop of fate
I guess I am just looking into what I have become
My mirrored reality full of chips and cracks
I try to do things right
But Iíll never get it
My life it just keeps coming back