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AKURRA, The big snake who lives in the Flinders Rangers

Long ago there came a big snake.
His name was Akurra.
He was going along thirsty.
He wanted to go and get a drink of water.
He wanted to go and get a big drink of salt water at
He had a big drink of water, until his belly became
really big.
He became heavy.
He climbed up towards the hilltops, making a creek as
he came along. It is called Adlyuvundhu Creek.
He came on up, until he stopped at Nguriyandhalanha.
He came on from there, coming up the creek.
He made lots and lots of waterholes in the gorge.
He came and stayed there.
He stayed there a long time. He is still there.
He keeps on rumbling there.
He comes out to lie sunbaking, so the sun can
warm him.
He rumbles his big belly.
You can hear that rumble being made from a long way

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