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OLD LAKE EYRE is talking...

Old Lake Eyre is calling us Arabunna:
          "Come Home
          for Life.
          Begin a new and sweeter way-
          being free.
          Ease the pain. Become one again."
The Old Lake has set this up from the start
for this purpose
to wake the people up to live for Life.
The Old Lake has laid the trap
set the bait
wanted them to come:
          "Come and try me!
          You've tried the rest of the world,
          I'm waiting for you...
          Keep taking the water...
          Come on Western Mining
          Keep sucking, man
          Keep coming in
          and trying to break me
          and see what happens.
          They don't know me.
          They are trying to break me
          by pulling my arms apart,
          by pulling my legs apart,
          Can you rip your baby apart?
          Can you rip your grandmother apart?
          Can you rip your grandfather apart?
          They don't know me.
          Why try and inflict the pain on me
          and my People?
          Because I have the recipe
          for Life..."
That's why the Old Lake set up the bait...
to draw the people...
to wake them up...
The time has come
to come and listen
to make peace
not war.

211 years ago Old Lake
knew this mob were coming...115 years age they came to Lake Eyre.
The Old Lake made these fellas come
to work out
the right way
from the wrong way of living
since the interference.
This is why this change is needed-
for the healing and the blessing.
Say Sorry to the Old Country
to the Old Lake.
Bless it.
Love it
and keep on saying: Sorry
and sorry and sorry
and sorry
until it's done
and our sovereignty is respected...

Leave the lakes free
Leave the rivers free
Let the waters run free
Leave the Mound Springs free
Leave the airways fresh
Let the babies and the people live free
Live Life.

By Kevin Buzzacott.

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