You will need a fast Pentium and a good Java enabled browser (with JIT enabled) to play this game. I recommend Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.x. This game is also best displayed in 16-bit color resolution. If the game runs slowly on your system, press [Esc] (during gameplay) and try turning down the display details. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy.

If you can read this, your browser can't display the game because you don't seem to have Java support (or you may simply have Java disabled). Don't panic, go here for help.


Tank Controls
key action
i or [up] move forward
k or [down] move backward
l or [right] rotate clockwise
j or [left] rotate anti-clockwise
[space bar] fire
Turret Controls
key action
t rotate turret clockwise
e rotate turret anti-clockwise
r auto-center turret
Radar Controls
key action
w radar zoom in
q radar zoom out
Game Controls
key action
p pause/unpause
Esc Options Menu

Camera Range
key action
F1 close range
F2 medium range
F3 long range
F4 ludicrous range
Camera Controls
key action
v toggle internal/external views
- increase camera height
+ decrease camera height
/ zoom camera in
* zoom camera out
h Circling helicopter view
Camera Angles
key angle
2 180 degrees
1 225 degrees
4 270 degrees
7 315 degrees
key angle
8 0 degrees
9 45 degrees
6 90 degrees
3 135 degrees