left arrow key
moves Tony left
right arrow key moves Tony right
upper arrow key makes Tony jump

to set/delete cloud blocks use space + arrow keys
F1 - if you get stuck (you'll lose a life)


Tony.gif (1072 Byte) Tony - our baby hero Teddy.gif (1038 Byte) Tony's Teddy - save him!
Clouds.gif (2477 Byte) use cloud blocks to path Teddy's way to the exit...
Roller.gif (1035 Byte) Wood.gif (1002 Byte) Thing.gif (1072 Byte) Balloon.gif (1040 Byte) Gyrus.gif (1075 Byte) Ball.gif (1064 Byte) Spikes.gif (1062 Byte) things Tony better avoids
dark cloud Cloud.gif (1185 Byte) certainly not a place where to rest...
Lolli.gif (1040 Byte) Bonbon.gif (1012 Byte) collect items to get some extra points
Stop.gif (1063 Byte) freezes enemys for some time Milk.gif (1104 Byte) energy drink - makes Tony temporarily invincible
Use switch Switch.gif (997 Byte) to open Bridge2.gif (1053 Byte) and close Bridge.gif (1311 Byte) rainbow bridge
Door.gif (1100 Byte) closed door Key.gif (1021 Byte) collect key Door2.gif (1076 Byte) to open door to next stage

After 5 completed stages you'll recieve a password - enter password to proceed at this stage.

So let's go...and good luck (you'll need it!)...