Unable to start java applet

Either your browser doesn't support java or you have java disabled.


  • To play speed trial you need to have a java capable browser, such as Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4.
  • If the applet still doesn't appear you may have java disabled on your browser. Go to the options/preferences menu and ensure java is enabled.
. Controls
Use arrow keys: Left & right steer you car, up accelerates, and down brakes or reverses
Try to beat the other cars as you race around the track! Select a detail level to begin the game. Then click on the arrows to select a track to race on. Finally click the 'start' button to begin a race.
Note: To activate the controls you must click on the java applet.
To play this game you need at least a P200 and a modern web-browser such as Internet Explorer 4. An Intel PentiumŪ II processor is *strongly* recommended to experience the game at its best.