How to play Gulpy

left arrow key
moves Gulpy left
right arrow key moves Gulpy right
upper arrow key makes Gulpy jump

F1 - if you get stuck (you'll lose a life)

Gulpy.gif (1120 Byte) Gulpy - our alien hero!!!
Alien.gif (1104 Byte) Ball.gif (1046 Byte) Fire.gif (1055 Byte) Fish.gif (1153 Byte) Hover.gif (1029 Byte) Roller.gif (1134 Byte) Worm.gif (960 Byte) Stomper.gif (1037 Byte) Spike.gif (1060 Byte) Mine.gif (1021 Byte) Flyer.gif (1157 Byte) Flash.gif (978 Byte) Drop.gif (969 Byte) things you better avoid
BonBon.gif (995 Byte) Gem1.gif (997 Byte) Gem2.gif (997 Byte) Note.gif (979 Byte) Star.gif (1069 Byte) collect items to get some extra points
Stop.gif (1022 Byte) freezes enemys for some time Bottle.gif (1033 Byte) energy drink - makes Gulpy temporarily invincible
Door1.gif (912 Byte)  closed portal   Key.gif (963 Byte) collect key   Door2.gif (966 Byte) to open portal to next stage

So let's go...and good luck (you'll need it!)...