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Frank's Engine Page

This is my newest..purchased 5-2001 and 15 HP Fairbanks Morse

another picture of the new purchase.....


this is my 3 Hp Fairbanks Morse

My 6 hp Fairbanks.........

Here I am using my 1 1/2 hp John Deere E to run the sawdust excavator on the sawmill.......

and to include my 3 hp John Deere (that's two now for the 6hp)

McCormick Deering 3 hp M


Sorry I did not take any pictures of before.....but the inbetween is just at adding the flywheels and the after is running(blured spokes tells the tail)

The before and I do have an after and will put it on later

This is the 150 hp Fairbanks Morse engine that belongs to our Central Montana Flywheelers......notice the's running!

Frank's John Deere GP
Empire Tractor