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Go to The Brand New "Not So Good Idea Section, its pretty dumb, but maybe You'll get a laught or two out of it...


B I G  N E W Z - Alot of Dragonball!
Not much New in the World of Dragonball...There doesnt Seem to be a contiuence of DBZ! At the pace of before, the series should be over... Perhaps this is what Funimation is worried about. For all you American-only fans... There isnt much DBZ left. The rest of the Buu saga is basically the end of the Show DBZ, leading into the confusing and relativly boring and repetative Series DBGT (Grand Tour translated into English.) New Dragonball Episodes are coming out increadably fast, but those are more of a cartoon like Looney Toons than anime.




September 9/2003! - Its been a while again. I really don't like a whole lot of the dragon ball series anymore, but some of it is pretty decent, and I really like making music videos. I may turn this into a Animated GIF and Music Video only type of page, that is what alot of you all are after anyways... Only huge problem right now is Memory and Bandwidth... ptch...

March 1/2002! - LOL! Well I havnt been on here in about... 333 Days. Isn't that nice? Well my redirect server wore off, so no longer works, but I am bored on my bro's comp so I decided to see whats goin on. I fixed some GIF problems, sorry about those I noticed them while seeing if anything on my site was messed up. Not much else new except I may start updating again when I get real bored or may make another website. I also finished up 2 last Episodes for Imperfect Cell Episode Guide, and setup for the next set of Episodes that have come out since I've been gone.

March 26/2001 - A new Awake video is out today.  I left the old one up too, because some of you may not like the new one.  It is alot bigger, and if you want to just get one, I would get the first one unless you have a broadband (Cable, DSL, ect.) and can download the big one fast.

March 26/2001 - New "Do the Evolutions" Music Video, I wasn't too happy with the first one, and since my name is DBZ Happy, I decided I needed to make it better.  I finnally found some good sites with clips, and I'll put them on my links page later.  Anyways if you liked the first one I really suggest the second one unless your connection is really bad and it would take forever to download, than do what you want...

March 21/2001 - I'm going kinda-like on vacation, I live in Orlando, but I'm going to a Disney Hotel to spend a few nights, so You wont see updates at least until Sunday.  But before I went away I had to make the Shrine-o-Sausage smaller cuz I know it takes for ever to load.

March 19/2001 - As a tribute to Tom Greens new movie "Freddy Got Fingered", I have made a Shrine-o-Sausage witch is at the top of the page, and its funny as hell!!!! So go there now!



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