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December 2000
(Updated February 11, 2012)
Tedd V. Navarro


Tedd                                   Boots
Tedd                                                                               Boots
Taken on June 25, 2010


navarro family
Name :   Teodorico Romulo Ventura Navarro
Date of Birth :   October 27, 1948
Profession :   Electrical Engineer
College :   Mapua Institute of Technology, 1970
Name of Spouse :   Lucia Pilar "Boots" Navarro 
Profession :   Businesswoman 
College :   Saint Louis University, Baguio City, 1972
Address :   515 Padre Pio Street, Caridad, Cavite City 4100
Country :   Philippines
Telephone Number :   63 + (46) 431-5336
Fax/Voice Number :   63 + (46)431-5336
Mobile Phone Number :   63 + (921) 423- 4829
E-mail Address :
Hobby :   Computer Programming
Personal/Family website:
Tuesday Izel, Boots & Tedd, Tiffany Iriz & Mike Gallego
Terence Ivan & Michelle Navarro, Thweyne Gallego, KC Navarro, and Tzarina Izha

About the Webmaster:

Tedd, pushed his way through college as a working student. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila in 1970. Immediately after graduation, he was hired as an EDPS Lead Programmer in SSS, Quezon City. After 2 years stint with the agency, he resigned and took a 50% salary cut and worked as a laborer in Baguio Gold Mining Corporation where he gradually rose to the position of Assistant Electrical Department Head. It was here in Baguio City where he met his future wife, the former Boots Aldana, a product of Saint Louis University where she obtained the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Soon after, Tedd resigned from the mining firm and joined General Electric Philippines. He was hired as a Service Engineer and eventually promoted to the position of Workshop Manager. The company sent Tedd to its affiliates in Singapore and Australia and to several of its headquarters and other affiliates in the US to enhance his managerial and technical skills.

Presently, Tedd with Boots as his partner,  is operating his own company, Megateam Enterprises, which deals primarily in electrical and air-conditioning contracting, as well as repairs, installation and services.

Tedd and Boots are blessed with 4 children; Terence Ivan (34) is a Doctor of Optometry; Tiffany Iriz (33) is a Doctor of Dentistry; Tuesday Izel (31) is a graduate of Physical Therapy; and Tzarina Izha (24) is a Registered Nurse.

Tedd spends most of his free time in front of his computer doing programming works or browsing the internet. Sometimes he listens to old music hits. Please visit Tedd's personal/family website at for additional personal info.