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School Year 1964 - 1965

Alvin G. Urbi President (Deceased)
Corazon C. Basa Vice-President
Francisca C. Serrano Treasurer (Deceased)
Cynthia C. Antonio Secretary (Deceased)
Teresita S. Navarro Auditor (Deceased)
Jose C. Lamangan PRO
Carlos C. Lorenzana

CLASS MOTTO: "If a man's reach is as high as his grasp - What is a heaven for?"   (R. Browning)

CLASS COLORS: Green and Gold

CLASS FLOWERS: Sampaguita and Rose



35th Anniversary Steering Committee

40th  Anniversary Officers  

Alvin G. Urbi                        Chairman Doris Cayas Alcera        President  
Tedd V Navarro                   Vice-Chairman  Olivia Herrera Abuid      Vice- President
Normie Morabe Saavedra    Vice-Chairman Normie M Saavedra       Secretary
Lolly Llamado Cavinta          Secretary  Myrna Morena Sangria   Asst Secretary
Mei Nunez Aldave                Treasurer  Tess Ramos Apostol       Treasurer
Doris Cayas Alcera               Auditor Deh Morente                  Asst Treasurer
  Alvin G Urbi                   Auditor 

43rd  &  45th  Anniversary  Board  of  Directors 

Golden Anniversary Board of Directors

Doris C Alcera             President                      Olivia H Abuid                President
Olivia H Abuid             Vice-President              Norma M Saavedra        Vice-President
Tedd V Navarro           Secretary                     Lina R dela Cruz              Secretary
Deh S Morente             Treasurer                     Doris C Alcera                Treasurer
Alex S Castro               Auditor                        Mei A Nunez                   Director - Philippines
Dina S Custodio           Director                           Deh S Morente                Director - Philippines
Cora S de Jesus           Director                       Myrna M Sangria             Director - Philippines
Vic Q de Leon             Director  Alvin G Urbi                     Director - Philippines
Elma P Era                   Director Nini A Reynante               Director - Bay Area
Lucy Montano              Director Romy F Obien                  Director - Bay Area
Alvin G Urbi                 Director Luphe F Nocon                Director - Greater LA Area
Mei A Nunez                Director Joe A Noche                    Director - Greater LA Area
Norma M Saavedra      Director Mike B Lim                      Director - San Diego
Myrna M Sangria          Director  Junn Alcantara                  Director - San Diego
Remy L Jacks               Director Rey C Balan                     Director - East Coast


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