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License Plate Runs

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Welcome to my License Plate Runs Page...This page is dedicated to the subject of plate runs...That's right, the ultimate goal of all collectors to fill all the squares in a particular category and to have a complete run.

This is a very nice Wyoming county run which was put together by Gale Miller of Ronan, Montana...Nice job Gale

Here is a photo of my 1961 birth year run (in progress)
Here is my small run of all 8 Australian States plus a couple extras...Thanks to my Australian friend Malcolm Fitzgerald

This is my 1961 Canadian run which will be complete once I aquire a 1961 New Brunswick and a 61 Nova Scotia...If you can help me find either of these please let me know...Thanks


This is another random Canadian run I put together

I just began work on this page and plan to add photos of:
My Montana State run (in progress) and many others...If you have a run you would like others to see, send me a photo and I'll gladly include it on this page with a credit to the collector responsible...