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License Plate Restoration Projects

Welcome to my License Plate Restoration photo album. I don't claim to be an expert at restoring old crusty license plates but I do find painting plates to be relaxing...especially during the cold Montana winters...If you have any secrets that may help improve my skill in this part of the hobby, please feel free to share your ideas...Here we go with the photos:
I picked up this 1937 MT in a junk store for $3.00 it had a folded over corner and very little paint left...
Here is the final result of the 1937 Montana restoration
I got this 1947 MN from Mack Koepke, if memory serves correctly, I think I traded a Hawaii rainbow for it... silver was a tough color to paint, it didn't want to stick for some reason...Overall, I'm pleased with the final result.

Here is the completed plate...
I picked up this 1946 MT in a junk store in Fort Shaw Montana. The store owner wanted $5 but I convinced him to trade it for a couple current US plates. I couldn't see paying $5 for this bent up piece of rust. It took over a week to resurect this beauty but I think my effort was worth it.
Here is the final result of the 1946 Montana restoration

1925 Montana...

1927 Montana

These 1942 and 1943 Montana plates were both very bent up. I was able to sand blast them and repaint them but unfortunately the dents are still very visible
1942 Montana Before

1942 Montana After

1943 Montana Before

1943 Montana After

1965 Prince Edward Island booster plate before

1965 PEI After

1938 and 1935 Montana, both good repaint candidates, located at a flea market.
I repainted this 1923 MA plate for Bruce McCormick. Here is a photo of the plate before

And After

I never took a before photo of this 1962 Yukon but here is the final result of the repaint. The Yukon plate is white on dark forest green while the '23 MA plate is white on dark blue.

This is a 1936 New York Commercial plate that I restored for Bill in Niagra Falls, New York. Unfortunately I forgot to take the before picture but the result is a significant difference.