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Memories of Bonnie Belle

This page is dedicated to the memory of my Scotty Angel "Tickners Wee Bonnie Belle". You may be gone from our sight, but never from our hearts or our memories. It is also dedicated to all the Scotty Angels who have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ahead of us,and to all the friends I have found in "Cyberspace".


Bonnie's Story

You came to me by way of a phone call. "They're going to put her to sleep and she's only four years old. Can you find someone to take her?" Of course, I said yes. I picked you up late the next evening and took you home. I don't think you had ever been groomed, so we sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, you eating cookies, and I clipping and brushing you. I took two grocery bags of hair off you that night, when I went out to put it in the trash, you slipped between my legs. You took off down the alley with me in pursuit. It was pitch black out, and so were you. I followed you for over an hour. Finally you must have decided I wasn't going to give up, so you sat down and waited for me. Thats how our adventures began.

You didn't meet the rest of the family until the next day, and you were not too impressed! When you watched Abby and Paul play ball, you got a funny little look in your eyes. A few days later, Dad found you staring at the ball, so he got down on the floor with you and taught you how to play. After that, toys were more important to you then anything else, even cookies! I remember the day you found your pillow, I was cleaning out the closet and had tossed it out. You decided it was a perfect bed, we even had a game of tug with it, the pillow stayed. Heaven forbid anyone should sit on it. You would sit infront of them and give them the "stare" until they either moved or handed it over. Then there was the day Aunt Leslie introduced you to french frys. It became your favorite treat. It was probably the only thing other than thunder storms that would induce you to get in someones lap. You loved to go riding in the car, especially to the bank. You would stand up on the arm rest and watch the tellers, if they started to put their envelope in with out your cookie, you would let them know it. As soon as you got it, you would proceed to bury it in the carpet. The tellers got such a kick out of you.

I think Abby is getting bored without you. There's no one there to play tricks on her anymore. I smile when I think about how you would trick her. If she had something you wanted, you would perk up your ears, and run to the door and growl. Abby would drop what ever she had and join you. As soon as she was by the door, you would grab her bone or toy and run and hide it in your bed. She would look around with that funny look, as if to say "She got me again." Every once in a while she will bring one of your toys to me, she doesn't want to play, she's just asking where you are. I even miss you waking me up in the middle of the night to scratch your back, and I never did make the video of you scratching your back on the foot of my bed. You would be in heaven growling and groaning as you tried to reach the spot. I know we would have won worlds funniest videos.

Of all the memories I have of you, I wish I could erase that last week. The memory of your little face, so confused, in pain, was more then I could bear. The last day when I came home, and you couldn't come to me, I realized I was holding on to you for my own sake, not for you. So I made the decision to help you go to the Rainbow Bridge. I carried you in my arms, with tears streaming down my face, and put you on the table. I held you as the vet gave you the shot that would set you free, and I looked into your beautiful brown eyes until the light went dim. A part of my heart went with you that day, but someday I'll retrieve it, when we find each other, once again at the Rainbow Bridge.



Good Bye Bonners, I Love You.


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