Hi there Fabrício,JAN AG here.Lets start the interview,ok?
2-To start tell us about the AGATHOCLES beginning in the scene.
Ha,it's a long story,we started back in 1985.So take a look at the complete biography for all info.
1985-After being active in the underground since 1981 by doing zines,releasing compilations tapes,helping to organize concerts,some friends,all coming from the Belgian city MOL,started jamming together,making huge noises in the vein of bands such as NEOS,ACCURSED BLUDGEON,LARM,HELLHAMMER,...(well,we tried to,hahaha).They recorded some rehearsal tapes in their several rehearsal rooms where they got kicked out each time 'coz of the noise.Only some rehearsal recording are left from that period.The line-up was:JAN-GUITAR AND VOCALS and ERWIN-DRUMS AND VOCALS.
1986-Some more recording in the rehearsal room were done,evn a few gigs for very few people into extreme noise.The band was still looking for a steady line-up and rehearsal place where they would not be chased away by the neighbors and police.From this period,only some rehearsal recording are left.
1987-AG found a steady rehearsal place in the youth club "JAM"in MOL.In this yuoth center,they recorded several tracks for compilations tapes and they started to organize their own gigs in this place.Other gigs were done in other places,playing with bands such as VIOLENT MOSQUITOS,NAPALM DEATH,PESTILENCE,EXTREEM,DISTRESS,TOTAL MOSH PROJECT,...The line-up of AG in this year was:JAN-GUITAR AND VOCALS,RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS AND VOCALS.In december 1987,JAKKE joined the band on guitar and JAN could concentrate on the voclas.
1988-AG did recording for some EP's,like the AG/RIEK BOOIS EP and AG "Cabbalic Gnosticism"EP.Some other recordings were made,but are not released yet(maybe soon).Their gigs in Belgium continued and they prepared for their first LP.Some more gigs were done with bands such as E.N.T.,BELGIAN ASSOCIALITY,...The line-up was:JAN-VOCALS,JAKKE-GUITAR,RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS.
1989-The AG/DRUDGE LP was recorded.The line-up of the band was still of all members coming from MOL,but a second guitar player joined the band.The line-up was:JAN-VOCALS,JAKKE-GUITAR,GUY-GUITAR,RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS.New recordings were done for example for the AG/DISGORGE EP,AG "Fascination of muitilation" EP,AG "If this is cruel,what is vivisection then?"EP.Other gigs were done with bnads like DEATHCORE,...At the end of 1989,RONNY left the band and JAKKE took over the bass guitar.
1990-In the beginning of 1990,AG recorded the AG/VNA EP with the line-up:JAN-VOCALS,GUY-GUITAR,RONNY-BASS,ERWIN-DRUMS and JAKKE-BASS.A few months later,there was a major line-up change.Jan only stayed in the band and found two other members for AG.The line-up was:JAN-BASS AND VOCALS,DOMINGO-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS.With this line-up and in 1990,AG recorded the AG/BLOOD EP,AG/SMEGMA EP,AG/NASUM EP,AG/PUTRID OFFAL EP and tons more.AG also went to Denmark for gigs and played several gigs with SOB,...
1991-The old drummer ERWIN rejoined the band on bass-guitar.For a short time,the line-up was: JAN-VOCALS,ERWIN-BASS,BURT-DRUMS and DOMINGO-GUITAR.But after a few months,DOMINGO left the band and JAN took over the guitar.With this 3-piece line-up,AG recorded the "Agarchy" EP in july 1991.After that,CHRIS joined the band on guitar and the line-up changed again:JAN-VOCALS,CHRIS-GUITAR,ERWIN-BASS and BURT-DRUMS.With this line-up,the "Theatric symbolism of life" CD was recorded.a tour in East-Germany with session vocalist TUUR(who died in 1996) from the Belgian mincecore band REIGN OF TERROR also happened in the summer of this year('coz CHRIS could not go on tour so JAN had to play guitar).At the end of 1991,ERWIN left the band again and DIRK came in the band to play bass.
1992-During first months of 1992,the line-up was:JAN-VOCALS,DIRK-BASS,CHRIS-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS.But in May 1992,CHRIS and DIRK left AG to start an own band.AG found a new guitar player called STEVE and the line-up was:JAN-BASS AND VOCALS,STEVE-GUITAR AND VOCALS and BURT-DRUMS.AG continues their recordings and gigging and went to sardinia,Italy,for gigs.This year,AG recorded stuff like "CLICHE"LP and "Use your anger"LP.
1993-This year,the line-up stayed the same.With the line-up of three members(Jan,Burt and Steve).AG went on tour in countries such as Czech,Slovakia,Germany,Belgium,Holland,...together with the Geramn band FH 72,who have split up now.This year, AG recorded stuff such as "Distrust and abuse"EP,AG/SOCIAL GENOCIDE EP,AG/MAN IS THE BASTARD EP,AG/PATARENI EP and lot more.
1994-Also this year,there are no line-up changes and the line-up stays the same(Jan,Burt and Steve).AG does a big tour in Spain in July 1994,where they also recorded their famous "MINCE MONGERS IN BARNA"EP,wich was recorded in the rehearsal room on the Spanish mincecore band VIOLENT HEADACHE.Studio sessions continues and resulted in records such as AG "Black clouds determinate"CD,AG/ROT EP,AG "Back to 1987"EP,AG/PLASTIC GRAVE EP and lot more.
1995-AG recorded their AG "Razor sharp daggers"CD with the line-up of Jan,Burt and Steve,containing 25 brand new songs.AG also got included on the METALOPOLIS compilation CD from National Belgian radio station.In summer 1995,STEVE left the band and MATTY joined AG on guitar.So the line-up was:JAN-BAS AND VOCALS,BURT-DRUMS AND MATTY-GUITAR AND VOCALS.
1996-The line-up(Jan,Burt and Matty)stays the same during 1996.Beggining of this year,AG goes to Istanbul,Turkey for gigs.There,they play with Turkish band RADICAL NOISE.Later thet year,AG goes on tour in Czech with their mince-brothers MALIGNANT TUMOUR.On this tour,they made a video and a doubletape,as a benefit for animal rights.The same year,AG goes to record a studio session in the National Belgian radio station.This year,the AG/UNHOLY GRAVE EP,AG/PREPARATION H EP,AG/AUTORITAR EP,"Thanks for your hostility"CD and a lot more was recorded.
1997-Most of 1997,the line-up with Jan,Burt and Matty stays the same.AG records their "Humarrogance"CD and did a Peel session,a studio session in the BBC-radio studios in London,England.Other recordings that were done in this year are:AG/DEPRESSION CD,AG/EXCRUCIATION TERROR EP,...At the end of this year,VINCE joins AG on bass guitar.The line-up becomes: JAN-VOCALS,VINCE-BASS,MATTY-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS.With this line-up,AG records at the end of 1997 the AG/BWF EP and AG/DIE EP.
1998-AG changes line-up again,and since June 1998,AG is:JAN-BASS AND VOICE,BURT-DRUMS and DIRK-GUITAR AND VOCALS.AG records a lot of new stuff such as AG/DEADMOCRACY LP,AG/SUPPOSITORY CD,AG/COMRADES CD,AG/BLOODSUCKERS EP,...
1999-With the line-up of Jan,Burt and Dirk.AG goes on tour in Czech and Slovak and recorded new stuff such as AG/GRIND BUTO EP,AG/DISCULPA LP,AG/UNHOLY GRAVE LP,...A lot of things are planed for the future.During this year,AG plays gigs with bands such as UNHOLY GRAVE from Japan,MY MIND MINE,MALIGNANT TUMOUR,...
2000-This year,the AG "To serve...To protect"CD was released on the Italian label VACATION HOUSE RECORDS.Other stuff that was released this year are AG/MONOLTH EP,AG/ABORTION EP,AG "Live in Leipzig,East-Germany 1991"CD,...Also this year,AG did some gigs with bands such as ABSTAIN,COMRADES,ULRIKES DREAM,BBB,...and at the moment,the band is working on their new full studio CD/LP for MORBID RECORDS which will be called "SUPERIORITY OVERDOSE".
3-What was most difficulty in all these years with AGATHOCLES for you?
In the beginning,we had some troubles with finding a good and steady rehearsal room,but these problems are aver now.At the moment,the most problems we have are finding the time to rehearse because we are all very busy with work,study,...
4-What your opinion for so much changing in line-up since 1987 and what was the actual line up?
Since june 1998,we are JAN-bass+voice,BURT-drums and DIRK-guitar+voice.I have been in the band since 1985 and Burt has been playing in AG since 1990.It seems that guitar players have been a problem to find and to keep in the band,but at the moment,all is working out really well with this line-up and I hope that it will stay this way.
5-AGATHOCLES yet release different kind of music in alot of records:old school grindcore,grind/death,grind/crust,crust/hc,mincecore.What your favorite style of music to play and listen?
I like all these styles and this is also the kinds of music that we listen to.So it is normal that the kind of music that we like and listen to have an effect on the of AG.We like to play these different kind of music,it is fun to play and it is great to have change in sound and song structures somentimes.But the basic structure is still old school grind/mince core.
6-Please give your comment for this lyrics:
This is about the school system which isn't always that right.The education system has so much power to control students lifes and way of thinking.With this lyrics,we just wanna say,try to keep a critical mind about the things you learn at school or university.
-What a nerve
This one is about being critical about yourself,about your own way of life.It is easy to criticize other people,but are you always right in what you say and think?Self-evaluation and self-criticism is an important thing to change things for the better.
Ha,it is kind of a cliché-lyric.It is about unity and respect in the scene.It is a call for more co-operation between everyone involved in the scene.
-A for arrogance
It is about people who think ANARCHISM is just chaos and violence,and these people are destroying a lot of good things that the anarcho-movement has done.Anarchism for us is autonomy,trying to create your own lifes and your own way of living,WITH respect for other peoples lives and way of thinking.
7-I really love AGATHOCLES poem(Birds,Like an ivy,Black ones).Who created them and how born this idea?
Ha,thanx a lot for the compliment.I don't know how we got the idea of using poetry in our music.I guess we got it from some old punkbands such as CRASS who also did that.The poems are written by me.I have also published some poetry-books,but in Dutch,my mother language,and not in English.
8-How are the process of creation of songs?
Dirk,our guitarplayer and me,we write most of the music.We write the songs at our homes and when we rehearse,we explain the new songs to the rest of the band,and then we start playing and rehearsing them,putting in some new ideas from the other band members,...That's how an AG-song is born.Somentimes,we also make new songs all together in the rehearsal room.

9-Do you have the notion of importance about your lyrics?What topic you prefer for write?
Lyrics are very important for us.It is a big part of the song for us.The lyrics deal with things that are bothering us and that we think are important to tell to people.Our lyrics are ment to give people information about certain things like animal and human rights,ecology,politics,the scene,economy,third world problems,...
10-How many rehearsal AGATHOCLES play for week?
We try to rehearse one time each week,but because we are all very busy,this is somentimes not possible.But we try one time a week.
11-What are your favorite bands and what bands influence AGATHOCLES?
12-How do you see the division that exist between grindcore and grindgore?
13-What your opinion about gore,pathological and porno lyrics?
(Answer of question 12 and 13 are together)
I really don't see a division,it is more a different of lyrics and interest in politics.There are a lot of goregrind bands which I totally love such as DEAD INFECTION,HAEMORRHAGE,REGUSRGITATE,FLESH GRINDER,LYMPHATIC PHLEGM,MORTICIAN,ATAVISM,old CARCASS,CUM,SQUASH BOWELS,..But this is goregrind.about pornogrind,well,it doesn't interest me,it is boring I think,but everyone is free to do what he or she wants.But i totally boycott bands who spread homophobic ideas and sexist ideologies.They are just fascists in disguise.We surely do not need them in this scene,or any place else.
14-Who make drawing in "Thanks for your hostility"and "Humanrrogance" cover art?
The atrwork of "Thanks..."album was done by a Japanese artist and the "Humarrogance" artwork is done by a famous Spanish painter who is dead now.Hahaha,guess who he was.He was and still is very famous.
15-What kind of equipment AGATHOCLES use in vocals effect?
We have 3 different kinds of vocals.A screaming and growling one without effect,and a growling one with effect.The effect on this one is a BOSS PITCHSHIFTER.Great material for sure.It makes the vocals sound one octave lower than normal vocals.
16-How are live performance from AGATHOCLES and how are the public response?
At a live gig,we play about 23 songs in somenthing like 40 minutes.We try to make the best of it.Mostly the respons is really good,and somentimes not.It depends on the places where we play.
17-Some favorite place to play?
I really enjoy the tour we have done in Spain,Czech Republic and Slovakia.We met some really nice people over there and have had a lot of fun.Well,I like to play everywhere.In every country.
18-When AGATHOCLES will play in Brazil?What was necessary for this tour in Brazil?
If someone can set up a tour for us in Brazil and pay for our airplan tickets,food,transport and sleeping places,then it would possible to come over and play in Brazil.Who knows,maybe in the future????
19-What do you know about the brazilian scene?
I have got quite a lot of contacts with brazilian people and bands.I know the scene is quite active and that more and more people are able to release vinyl or CD's.That's great to see happening.bands from Brazil that I really like are ROT,SCARRHOUSE,THE ACCIDENT,DEADMOCRACY,DESECRATION,SCUM NOISE,COLERA,OLHO SECO,FLESH GRINDER,LYMPHATIC PHLEGM,STOMACHAL CORROSION,DISARM,CHC,PARENTAL ADVISORY,NO CONFORMITY,DORSAL ATLANTICA,SARCOFAGO,VULCANO,DISCHORD,CORE,SUBCUT,ABUSO SONORO,LOBOTOMIA,ULSTER,FOGO CRUZADO,ATACK EPILETICO,OFFENSOR,BRIGADA DO ODIO,...+ many many more.
20-Are you vegan or vegetarian?If yes,give to us some good motive for being vegetarian.
All members of AG are vegetarian,not vegan.There are so may reasons to become a vegetarian.An important reason for me was that you don't really need meat to eat healthy.So why kill animals for food when there is planty of alternative and healthier food around?An other reason is that the meat industry is just there to keep the rich countries rich and the poor countries poor.A lot of vegetable food id made in third world countries who have no food and are starving,it is given to cows which are being slaughtered to have meat for the capitalist coutries.I think this is reason enough to,for a start,think about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan.
21-Some new material,side project or other activity in state of development?
Some week ago we play an European tour with NYCTOPHOBIC,HAEMORRHAGE and TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION.After that,we will record our new full CD/LP which be called "SUPERIORITY OVERDOSE".Also soon,the AG/CHC split CD will be released on a Brazilian label and maybe also the AG/STOMACHAL CORROSION Split CD will be released on a Brazilian label.Besides this,some split EP's with new AG-songs are planned.
22-Any merchandize available at the moment?
I have sent to you some distrolists of my MINCE CORE MAILORDER.Just take a look at it.(if you want receive this list,just e-mail-me at: -Fabrício) People who are interested can always write me for these lists.just write and I will send some lists.
23-Thanks alot Jan,keep this DIY spirit alive and stay MINCECORE!
Thanx a lot,Fabrício,for the interview and your interest in AG.Good luck with your activities in the future.Keep up the good work.hey people,if you wanna have more info about AG,just write me.OK?Keep supporting the DIY-scene and keep being active.MINCE CORE FOR ACTIVE MINDS.


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