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Commencement: May 13, 2001



On Mother's Day 2001, the newest graduating class lined up in front of University Hall. One last time, we walked past the halls in which we had toiled and learned. We thanked and embraced our professors; those patient, learned souls who helped us achieve our academic success. We filed in to Phillips Glenn to the sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance" and took our seats. Our hearts filled with pride as we sang together the Ohio Wesleyan alma mater. We bowed our heads in reverence as Chaplin Powers led us in prayer. We remembered as our class president recounted the events of the past four years. And we took hope in the inspiring message presented by fellow OWU Aluma, Wendie Malick. We each received our degrees and tossed our caps in the air. We were no longer "college kids" but young adults ready to take on the world.

God bless you all and thanks for the memories. See you all at the next reunion.

The oficial people at our Commencement: (l-r) Dr. Tom Courtice, President; some guy, probably a trustee; Wendie Malick, OWU '72; another possible trustee; Chaplin John Powers, at podium; our class president, her name escapes me; and the poor woman who had to read all of our names, whose name also escapes me.

Photo by Eevi L. Cunningham

Yes, I mean Wendie Malick, star of the NBC sitcom "Just Shoot Me." She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in 1972. In her address, she talked a bit about her campus experience. Eventhough nearly 30 years have passed, our experiences are not that different. If you want to read Ms. Malick's address, check out the Ohio Wesleyan Website for more information.

The Class of 2001

Dr. Courtice presenting me with my BA.

My friend (and roommate) Eevi sat at the foot of the stairs, just below the platform, so she could get a picture of all of her friends as they got their degrees.

A family pic after the ceremony: (l-r) Grandma Leah Griffith, Me, Mom Doris Turner, and Uncle Bob Griffith(professor of Music, OWU'62)

The next two pics are of me and one of my best friends, Johanna Teresi. She was also my roommate for two years.

This is a picture of Johanna and her friends from Garrettsville, OH who came to see her graduate: (l-r) Gayle, Katie, April, Johanna.

Here's a few of my friends. Creepy bunch, but... Oh, like you have normal-looking friends! (l-r) Jenn Hanses '01, Nora (Fenris) O'Neill '01, and Brian Gilbert.

One of my best friends, Lorenne Maurer, and me.

The President threw a breakfast party the morning of Commencement. This is my friend, Amanda Beasley, trying to enjoy her breakfast.

This is Grandma and me at the breakfast.

As soon as I get it scanned, I'll post a copy of the Commencement program.

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