Ops Applacation list
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Ops Applacation list


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Things you must do

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Rules and Regulations:
Our rules are somewhat simle, but since the channel has grown rather large, we need more of them.

  • Rule 1: Do not mess with the Owner or co-founders - do not piss us off *please*
  • Rule 2: If you ban someone and the owner or a co-founder is not present, memoserv TheGuy and tell the nick and addy of the person you banned, so we know not to unban him when we come on
  • Rule 3: If you see another op not obeying the rules get a log or cut and paste what he/she is doing, we will take care of it from there
  • Rule 4: Try to be in #TeenFlirt as often as possible
  • Rule 5: No floods or anything by you or others in #teenflirt is allowed

    I Agree

    Email: TeenFlirt_@hotmail.com