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Red's Cabochon Shop

Red's Cabochon Shop

Marcie Fitzwater, a very talented beader and graphic artist designed backgrounds for me made out of cab pieces I have done. I thank you kindly, Marcie!!

I am going to try something a little different and am adding some cab kits. There are 10 grams each of 2 complimentary colors, size 11 beads, then size 14 white beads framing the bezel and with the florals, some green beads and a couple leaves. There are enough beads to embellish the cab and make a simple necklace or brooch. A pinback is included but not shown in each kit. Use your imagination and I will be creating a gallery page for displaying your work with my cabs. Each cabochon kit is priced at $13.00 plus $2.00 for insured shipping. As always orders can be combined to save on shipping. I thank you for your continued patronage!!

My cost is the same regardless of size; therefore I am offering cabs at $9.00 for one or $8.00 each for 2 or more and shipping is $2.50 for up to 3 cabochons; 4 or more will go by insured priority at $4.05. If you would like to order, please e-mail me. If you have something in mind, I can see if it's available. Thanks for browsing!! We have added PlayPal for your shopping convenience and for a short time, you can receive a $5.00 credit when you sign up!!

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I have found my niche in working with porcelain cabochons; I have a friend here in Livingston, Montana who has her own kiln and has been making beautiful collectible porcelain eggs for many years. I asked her if she could make porcelain cabachons for me and she has been keeping me in cabs for awhile.

Sources of porcelain cabochons seem to be pretty limited and I have had many people ask where I got mine. This has led to the development of the cabochon page.

In addition, you can find my beaded bezel cab tutorial at the bottom of this page.

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I have also created a private showing of a few of the kits I had left from the Bead & Button Class. I will provide private webpages for online instructions and color graphics with the purchase of a kit. The instructions and graphics are about 11 pages and cover a lot of territory. You don't need to print them all out. Cost on these kits is $60.00 plus $4.05 for insured priority shipping for a total of $64.05.

Dolphin Kit
Guardian Angel Kit
Manger Scene Kit
Page 1
Sweet Peas
Page 2
Wolves Portrait-SOLD
Wolves w/ pups-SOLD
3 Wolves
Wolves in trees
Wolf pair-round
Lone wolf-SOLD
Page 3
Blue Rose
Purple Rose
Pink Roses-round
Blue Roses
Multicolor Roses
Purple Roses-round
Page 4
Garden hummingbird-SOLD
Orchid hummingbird
Dogwood hummingbird-SOLD
Pansy hummingbird-SOLD
Page 5
Guardian Angel 1-SOLD
Angel w/ ribbons
Guardian Angel 2
Page 6
Tufted owl
Horned owl-SOLD
Page 7
Round gold carousel
Oval gold carousel-SOLD
Blue Unicorn
Carousel horse
Page 8
Mountain eagle-SOLD
Lake eagle-SOLD
N.A. Chief w/horses
N.A. Brave with wolves-SOLD
Page 9
Page 10
To Mom
Cabbage Roses
Oval w/ buds
Oval w/ violet
Round w/ violets
Page 11
W/ bird
W/ rosebud-SOLD
Harlequin white hat
W/ purple rose-SOLD
Page 12
Cheetah family
Page 13
2 Dolphins-SOLD
3 Dolphins-SOLD
Killer whales
Night killer whales
Page 14
Cheetah family
Discussion jaguars
Jaguar portrait
Jaguar tree-SOLD
Page 15
Round Blank $4.00
Oval Blank $4.00
Face $6.00
Face $6.00

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Cab Tutorial

My interpretation of several beaded bezel cabochon recipes I have
read and studied.
1. For a 30x40 oval cab, use tubular peyote stitch; first string 78
size 11 seed beads; then go through 6 or 8 beginning beads to
form a circle which is row 1 and 2. You must always have an
even number of beads. This circle should go around the outside
of the cab. Now do 1 or 2 more rows of peyote with the size 11
2. Now go to smaller (Mill Hill or 14's) beads and do 2 or 3 more
rows of peyote snugging the thread, these rows should be pulling
in toward the center. Now lay the cab inside with the flat side
touching the rows of smaller beads. Work needle and thread to the
other side of the 11's and put in another 2 or 3 rows of the smaller
beads with the cab in place.
3. The key to doing a beaded bezel cabachon is to use the fewest
number of rows that you can to secure the cabachon in place
4. You can also do a picot/netting stitch to scallop the edges of
cab and provide more security for the cab. If you are using 78
beads, a picot of 5 beads skipping 2 spaces comes out evenly and
adds a nice finishing touch.
You can e-mail me if you have any questions. Again, I have
seen many different recipes for this technique. I think this
is the simplest and easiest and is a compilation of everything
I have seen. Enjoy!!
For another version of beading a bezel around a cabochon using a
netting technique that Sarah aka Beadnik worked out and is really
nice also.

To order any of these porcelain cabochons please e-mail me: Red


Email: Red

Marcie of Marcie's Manor created this
great background for me from one
of my cabs. Please visit her website!
She is a very talented beader too!

Beaded Bezel Cabochon Tutorial Copyright 1998,1999,2000 by Red
Beaded Bezel Cabochon Tutorial is owned and all
rights are reserved by Red Ventling.