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Merlin's Hogwarts!

Hey Wizards & Witches! It's absolutely GREAT to be back! For the longest time - I never updated the site! Once I realized that this site still gets a couple hits a day or so, i found that i should really update it! It's still kind of popular!

So, the Harry Potter movie is coming out in just a few SHORT days! I get to go see it this coming Saturday (it primeres Friday in the U.S.A.)!

Now that I am older (going to be 15 in April!) I know a TON more about building good websites! This site will soon hopefully be revived! I'm really looking forward to the movie - as I'm sure all of you are too!

It's been quite a long time since I've been back to Hogwarts! *sigh* It's really been since... The 4th book came out! I actually cried when Cedric Diggory died! It was really really really suprising - and sad!

Well everyone - I think I might go re-read the first book. I'm home sick today - and I need to read it before the movie!

See You Guys Later - Tell ALL Your Harry Potter friends that I'm back!!!



The Daily Prophet

Sorting Hat


Diagon Alley

Knockturn Alley

Common Room Entrances

Potions Classroom

Defense Against Dark Arts


Care o' Magical Creatures

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