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The Weasley family

RON:Ron Weasley is a shy boy. He is insecure about his lack of money and has never done much of anything spectacular concerning magic. He has, however, accompanied Harry on all of his journeys, sort of like his sidekick. He is very nice, but kind of has a short temper..... especially with Draco Malfoy, who makes fun of him. Ron has firey red hair, as do all of the Weasleys, and, along with Harry, has a sort of a nack at breaking school rules. But, most of all, Ron is Harry's best friend.
FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY:Fred and George are the next youngest aside from Ron in the Weasley family. They are constant troublemakers and pranksters at Hogwarts. They expierement with weird things and it's quite ordinary to hear an explosion coming from their rooms. They are on Harry's Quidditch team, and they keep the bludger's from hitting their teammates. Fred and George have, and hopefully will be in the coming parts of the series, been a comical relief throughout the story.
PERCY:Percy Weasley is a prefect and kind of stuck on himself. You are teased (at least I was) by the author in the second book. Throughout it, there is the small suggestion that Percy may be the one directing the Chamber monster.But,as it turns out, he was just acting strangely because he had a girlfriend.
GINNY:Ginny Weasley has a big crush on Harry. Any time she sees him she gets nervous and does something emberrassing. It is Ginny who ends up being part of the chamber disaster: she is taken over by Lord Voldermort and does awful things she doesn't evn know she did. She is a first year. Lord Voldermort takes the life out of her slowly, and as she is dying she is rescued by Harry. Ginny does not get in trouble for her actions, since she didn't know she was committing them.