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This Part Of My Page Is To Thank Everyone Who Put Up with my obbsession of making webpages.

First:My FriendsI'd Like To Thank my internet friends, and my friends from school, because my friends from school always B****ed me out for being on the ineternet,or always making websites. And Now that i'm practically done with it~they don't have to B**** at me. i'd Also like to thank my internet friends for letting me borrow stuff from their site~and having them give me ideas for themes.

My Girlfriend: I Would like to thank my girlfriend for just well...being her! the great gal that she is~i can't find what it is she sees in me! but still i love her~and she loves me! ( i think)

Karyn a.k.a MoonDitz:With Out her~my site wouldn't be possible, ( or at least would have took me two more years to get it to look like this!), see, Karyn showed me how to do the subdirectories etc. PLUS: she's been a GREAT,GREAT friend!

Kara a.k.a Princess DitzyHick:With Out Kara, i might not be here right now, but with her love along with my other church friends, i actually made it through the hard times.

Drea, and Kendra:ahhh...the Mowrer Gals! well what more can i say then...I LOVE EM!

The Rest Of The Gang At Troy Church Of Christ: Basically the best friends i've ever/will had/have!

Amber:She is always helping me improve my site's, and got me in to Harry Potter,taught me more than anyone before (including my school teachers),magic,and more! THANKS TWEAK!!

Karalyn: without this gal, i wouldn't have been able to make the website frames~and she made my banner!!! isn't it great? and so is she!

More Thanks Later