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Harry Potter~The Boy Who Lived

Harry Potter was born into a wizarding family. All was happy until Dark spread over the Land and Lord Voldermort ruled. He came to the Potter's house one night and killed his parents, but when he tried to kill Harry, he lost all of his powers and ended up nothing but a head inside a turban of a secretly evil proffessor at Hogwarts. That made Harry one of the most famous people anywhere for all people who lived in the other realm. He was orphaned and had to live with his aunt and uncle, the Dursley's. They were awful to him and kept him in a tiny closet under the stairs. He live dthis way for 12 years til' he got LOTS of letters from Hogwarts saying that he was invited to attend school there. After much struggling, Hagrid, the gamekeeper, took him there, where he spent his term as a first year. After battling Voldermort again, and prevailing, school ended and he went back to the Dursley's. On the second year, a mysterious monster was petrifying student, and it was commanded by, what turns out to be, Lord Voldermort. Harry Batlles Voldermort again and wins. He is a hero yet agian, and that is where the story ends thus far ( Unless you've already read Book 3, but most people haven't, so I won't put anything yet on it.) Harry is a brave student, and he is destined for greatness.