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Lady Snow's Ice Castle

Castle of Hope

When love has taken a turn from your heart
don't run and hide or scream and shout
Take a moment to look around
and see where your heart can go to settle down

It's not in the quote of the Blood Red Moon
that you'll find the answers,
It's in the walls as they crumble to the sea
and hope for a future that's built on your dreams

Take flight with newly grown wings
Let your soul fly free and your healing
heart sing

I know that time is truly the healer
and that scars are surely going to be

But if walls that are built
are never let go, then how can we build
And then believe... in hope, faith,
confidence and trust
If all that we see and feel is
misery, despair, and mistrust

Take the stone that has crumbled
and mix it with tears, take your hands that
have held all of your fears
and mix them together, and say a few prayers

Then take what you have and build
a new home, one for the heart that is
more like a throne.   Where tenderness and
affection, devotion, and adoration
are the mortar that hold together
Castle of Hope

Thank you for visiting my Ice Castle. I hope that you enjoy your visit.... Please come back often! And while you are here, please let me know you came in to visit... sign the registry for my Ice Castle by clicking the pen below, or read it by clicking the book....
--Lady Snow       

The Lady Snow's Library
The Hall of the Emerald Flake
Lady Snow's Chambers
The Meditation Pool
The Tower Dungeon
The Castle Gardens
Snow Poetry
My Lion His Leopard

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