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The Women of Professional Wrestling

A Look Back at the Female Valets, Managers, and Wrestlers Who Made Thier Mark in the Sport

My Tributes of the Most Influential Women in Wrestling

MadusaMissy HyattWoman

Other Women Who Made Their Mark

Toni Adams

1992--Who could ever forget the feud between lovely Toni, the wife of Chris Adams, and Jeannie "Laddy Blossom" Clarke, the ex-wife of Adams, in the waning days of World Class 1990? It may have been violent, but fans just couldn't advert their eyes (at least not the male fans).

That feud is over, but Toni recently came back--without Chris Adams by her side. Shockingly, the statuesque blond came out to ringside at the Dallas Sportatorium; that was no shocker. What was a stunner is that Toni was at the side of Skandor Akbar--one of Chris' most hatted enemies!

Attempts at interviewing Toni for this feature were futile. In fact, she didn't even appear at the Global card the following week. However, Akabr gave me a brief explaination of what she was doing with him.

"Let's just say the sun doesn't always set in the harbor," said Akbar between puffs of his cigar.*


1992--Will the vindictiveness of the female species never end? In another Global shocker, the former girlfriend of Chaz Taylor, Alexis, has been showing up at ringside--in the corner of rookie rulebreaker Shawn Summers! Chaz and the fans can't believe it, but Alexis is quickly making a name for herself as a passer of foriegn objects of the first magnitude.

She's a sweet, lovely girl with the kind of disposition you've always dreamed of; you know, the kind you're always wanted to bring home to mother.

A recent quote:

"Do I want t wipe out Chaz? Sure, the little lying worm is only going to get what's coming to him. But this is just the first step towards wrestling dominance for me. I'm not going to stop until I erase the last vintages of the male gender from this sport forever."*

Lauren Davenport

1992--I don't know where she's getting the money, but right now this interfering brunette has become the most powerful manager in the USWA. At first, she managed Tony Falk, but she dumped him when he couldn't win a title and become her "Man of the '90's". The she hired a new Man of the '90's, but then callously dumped him when he strated to "think too much on his own in the ring".

Lately, though, the devious Davenport seems to be hitting her stride. Not nly has she signed two-time former Pacific Northwest champion "Mean" Mike Miller toa contract, but she's now got the plum assignment of her career as well: USWA champion Eddie Gilbert has just brought her on board.

"I'm getting sick of the attitudes of most wrestling fans," said Davenport after a recent card in which she interfered in six different matches, which must be some sort of record. "They think if you're beautiful, you can't be smart," she said. "They think if you're gorgeous, you can't be an effective administrator. Hayseeds! Rubes! I'll show them all by dominating this federationas long as I choose to."*

Diana Helmsley

1992--You'regot to see this woman to believe her. This beehived, long-nailedfiftysomething matriarch runs around with a wad of $100 bills in her hand at North Georgia arenas. She's managed a few men thus far--particularly the tag team of The Convicts and the sensational rookie Terry Golden--but she seems to have a different goal. She seems to want people to think she's somehow related to the currently incarerated hotel queen, Leona Helmsley.

So, Diana, can I get an interview?

"You'll have to ask my husband, Harry," she sniffed.*

Vivacious Veronica

1992--Here's a rarity for you: a valet with talent. She can wrestle, do commentary, or manage. She's in perfect physical condition. She;s intelligent and witty. And she knows as much about the sport and its history as anyone I have ever met.

And, as an addedplus, her days of rulebreaking seem to be over. After her previous wrestler, The Sandman, nearly slammed her through the mat following a loss, Sandman went back to his previous manager, Peaches--and Veronica reevaluated her role in the sport.

"Women are good for more then just passing around can openers," Veronica said, and she wasn't talking about cooking. "We can be goodwill ambassadors, announcers, competitors--anything we want to be. And right now, I feel like women aren't getting a fair shake in wrestling. Where are all the women?"*

Dirty White Girl Kimberly

Not to be confused with Kimberly page, Dirty White Girl Kimberly has only had one man--Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony. The two wreaked havoc in the southern federations, with quite a few mixed gender feuds in the early '90's.

*- From the column "Steel Cage" by Bob Smith, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, Dec. 1992

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