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Weird Occurances and Gimmicks

Has anyone ever appeared on Nitro and Raw on the same night?

Yes. Three people can claim the feet, and two were on the same night, live. Rick Rude was the first to do the feet, as he did it on November 17, 1997. He did a Raw taping several days before, and did the Nitro live. Rude was on a per-appearance deal with the WWF and ECW; and was used the night of the taping for Raw. WCW offered a contract to Rude, who was under no obligation to the two other feds, and appeared on a live Nitro. The other two men to do the feet? Vince and Shane McMahon on the last episode of Nitro.

What was "I Like to Hurt Poeple"?

It was a mockumentry about wrestling, namely the original Shiek. (Sabu's uncle and hardcore teacher.) The basis of the film is that a group of people are trying to "Stop the Sheik" from hurting people. Terry Funk and Ric Flair made appearances, as well as different wrestling mainstays of the late '70's.

Who were The Machines?

Before Andre turned heel, Bobby Heenan got him suspended for missing a match against King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd. (His partner was Hillybilly Jim, and Ted Arcidi subbed for Andre.) Soon after, a new masked Oriental tag team came into the WWF called the Machines: Super Machine and Giant Machine. This was of course Andre and Bill "Demolition Ax" Eadie. Hogan and Piper Machines were also apart of the mix. The Machines ended when Andre turned heel. The Giant Machine only appeared a few times during the run, seeing this was a way that Andre could take time off to recoup his bad back and film "The Princess Bride."

Didn't the Iron Sheik and Jim Duggan get arrested one time?

Yes. In New Jersey in 1987, Duggan and the Iron Shiek were in a rental car. (Being enemies at the time didn't help much.) They were pulled over after a traffic violation had occurred, and Duggan was drinking. They both had marijuana on them, and the Iron Shiek had cocaine. Both were suspended from the WWF. Duggan returned a few months later. The Sheik didn't return for years.

Who were the Conquistadors?

Before Edge and Christian, the Hardyz, and the team of Chris Daniels, and Aaron Aguilera, who donned the characteristic outfits in October 2000, the Conquistadors' were Jose Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera. The began in the WWF in the mid-80's under gold masks and tights. They had a small push, but for the most part they were jobbers. Both retired in the '90's.

What is "the Bruiser Brody Incident"?

Bruiser Brody aka Frank Goodish was a brawler, in the modern sense of the word. He was a talented wrestler and brought the modern style of brawling into the forefront. He was killed in Puerto Rico on July 17, 1988, after being stabbed in the showers after a match. Some think he would have been alive today if he had proper, prompt medical help. The suspected murderer is Jose Gonzales, who wrestled as Invader 3. Charges were never brought up due not having any witnesses. The Puerto Rican wrestlers didn't care for Brody, and the American wrestlers didn't want to serve the same fate as Brody. The authorities were dissinterested in the case, and Gonzoles was off the hook. Why he did it is still a mystery.

What was "The Blow away Diet?"

"Playboy" Buddy Rose was a jobber in the '80's and early '90's, and was very out of shape. (He had more rolls than a pastry truck.) He started putting this infomercials on WWF for the "blow away diet", a power you simply pour on the fat and use a fan to blow it away.

Who was the "Berzerker"?

The Berzerker was a Viking character showed up in the early '90's to feud with the Undertaker. (He tried to stab him with a sword while the UT was prone, but missed.) He had a tendency to thrown his opponents out of the ring and win by count out. Jim Nord, who also had a Lumberjack persona in the AWA, played him. He didn't amount to much in the WWF, sorry to say, so they released him.

Who were Tekno Team 2000?

Erik Watts & Chad Fortune were friends on the University of Louisville football team, and Erik soon started a career in wrestling, with help from his father Bill. Erik got a small push in WCW thanks to dad and got a contract with the WWF. He brought in Fortune as his partner, and Tekno Team 2000 was created. The two were masked with a Lazer-tag like vest. The team didn't get over, and they left the WWF after a few months. Watts went on to the indie circuit, and wound up in ECW and a jobber to WCW. Fortune had went to the WCW as a jobber as well, and the two hooked back up in Japan. Currently, they are taging in Dusty Rhode's Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling.

Who was Cloudy?

Cloudy was Sunny's replacement in the Bodydonnas. Sunny (Tammy Synch) had left the 'Donnas to manage the Smoking Gunns, the tag team champions. The WWF conducted a nationwide search for a new manager, which was basically a sham. Cloudy was male indie wrestler Jimmy Shoulders, a friend of Chris "Bodydonna Skip" Candido, in Sunny's old cheerleader-type outfits. After a month, the gimmick was dropped.

Who was Glacier?

In 1996, Eric Bishoff brought in a Martial Arts trained indie wrestler Ray Lloyd and dubbed him "Glacier". Basically a rip-off of Mortal Combat's "Sub-zero", he feuded with Mortis (a/k/a Chris Kanyon) and Wrath (a/k/a/ Bryan Clarke). It was scrapped in 1998, which saw Lloyd become "Coach Buzz Stern" for a while, then he disappeared completely. Glacier showed up in 2000 as more of a joke than a viable gimmick.

Who were Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon?

In late 1996, Jim Ross, who was doing a heel turn--sort of, claimed he was bringing in Razor Ramon and Diesel in the WWF. In fact, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were unhappy with their roles in WCW as of late, but the WWF itself was refusing that they were coming back. Then they premiered, Diesel, aka Isaac Yankem, DDS, and Razor Ramon, aka "Big Titan" Rick Bogner. They flopped and in less then 6 months, they were gone. Rick Bogner went back to the Orient, and Yankem (real name: Glen Jacobs) went on to become Kane.

What was the Brawl for All?

The Brainchild of Justin Bradshaw, it basically was a Toughman competition with takedowns. It was legit, for the most part, and was meant to put brawlers over for the fans. It also was suppose to be the jumping off point for Dan Severn and Steve Williams. However, Severn had to pull out because he had nothing to prove in the tourney (the WWF stated he was injured) and eventual winner Bart Gunn knocked out Williams. They did work in a few angles, and split up the team of Bart Gunn and Bob Holly after their BFA match. (The match was legit, though.) Bart Gunn (now using the name Mike Barton ) is in Japan doing wrestling matches and shootfight now thanks to the Brawl for All.

Who was Beaver Cleavage?

Chaz Warrington (formally of the Headbangers) was out into this gimmick by Vince Russo, which is a spoof of Beaver Cleaver. He spit out double entendres about his mom and his mom making the predictable comments about "loving the Beaver". It was suppose to be funny, but never got over. Marianna Komlos, a fitness model, played the mom. They drop the gimmick and just became Chaz and his girlfriend Marianna. Marianna was dropped from the WWF and Chaz went on to tag with D'Lo Brown.

What was the "Shockmaster Incident"?

In Aug. 1993, Vader, Sid Vicious, and Harlem Heat were set to face Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes, and a mystery partner. The mystery partner was revealed on an episode of "A Flair for the Gold" segment. A small pitiful explosion opens a hole in the wall to let the Shockmaster into the set. However, the Shockmaster trips over the hole and almost loses his foil wrapped Stormtrooper helmet. They had a voice over spelling certain doom for the heels, but I think the doom landed on the Shockmaster's feet. They wound up making the character a clumsy construction worker. Fred Ottman, of Tugboat and Typhoon fame played him.

Who were the Mulkeys?

They were a jobber tag team throughout the '80's and early '90's. They are cult legends in the right that they did get a couple of wins. I remember them as the Ding Dongs of the old AWA, which they were somewhat successful.

Who was TJ Hopper?

The WWF's wrestling plumber, TJ Hopper was played by 'Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony and was short lived as a gimmick.

Who was "The Coach"?

John Tolos, a Greek grappler, was brought in to be Curt Hennig's manager after Bobby Heenan went full time into broadcasting due to injuries. After a month, the gimmick was scrapped.

Who was Friar Fergison?

The friar was the really short lived gimmick of Mike Shaw. He only played it once in 1993 before the gimmick was changed. Mike's other personalities included Mukhan Singh, Norman the Lunatic and The Mad Monk.

What's with Pete Rose?

Pete Rose has the distinction of being on 3 WMs, the most by a non-wrestling celebrity. (Uker was the only other one to have more than 1 appearance.) And in all three times, he got beaten up by Kane. At WM 14, Rose insulted the Boston teams as a ring announcer, and Kane tombstoned him. The crowd like it so much, they did it for two more years. WM 15 saw Rose dress up like the San Diego Chicken and try to sneak attack Kane, but to no avail, Rose got dumped on his head again. WM 16 saw the San Diego Chicken want to dance with Two Cool and Rikishi, (Kane was Rikishi's tag partner that night) but Kane was suspicious, and then Pete Rose came out of no where with a baseball bat and attacked Kane. Rose would find himself on the other end of the beating shortly after, and instead of a tombstone, it was a Rikishi stink face that subdued him. Rose hasn't been seen since.

Who was Xanta Clause?

In two words, Balls Mahoney. Xanta Clause was the "evil Santa" under the employ of Ted Dibiase in December 1995. He only made three appearances, and left as the old year did.

What is the reviving elbow?

During a match at Clash of the Champions in January 1995, Hogan and Savage were partners against Kevin Sullivan and Brutus Beefcake. There was doubt that Randy Savage couldn't be trusted. A prone Hogan received Savage's finishing maneuver, a top rope elbow drop, that seemed to revive him. Hence, the reviving elbow. Funny, huh?

Who were the "Flying Nuns"/"Sisters of Love"?

Before moshing their way into tag team success, the Headbangers were managed by Brother Love and were "the Flying Nuns". They only portrayed them for a month until they got a new gimmick.

Duke the Dumpster Droese

The garbage man of the WWF in the mid-90's is still wrestling around the indie circuit.

Repo Man

Barry Darsow. Darsow was probably best known as Demolition Smash. He's been most recently seen in WCW as the Blacktop Bully and wrestling under his own name. Today, he's working for WXO.

Who was Brother Love?

The sometimes manager and host of the "Brother Love Show" was protrayed by Bruce Pritchard.