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Where Are They Now? (N-Z)

NailzAl PerezLouie SpicolliVincent/Virgil
Scott "Flash" NortonRalphusTatankaYokozuna
Iceman Parsons"Wildfire" Tommy RichWarlordZeus, the Human Wrecking Machine
PatriotMike RotundoWendi Richter
"Surfer" Ray OdysseySimpson brothersJimmy Valiant
Todd PettingillSlickSavio Vega


Kevin Wacholz wrestled under the name Kevin Kelly in the independent circuit before becoming to the WWF as Nailz, an ex-convict of the Big Bossman. He is not the current Kevin Kelly of the WWF. He went on to feud with The Warrior, which the Warrior complained about. Nailz was soon set to face the Undertaker, when he had an altercation with Vince McMahon. (About what is unknown.) He started choking Vince and was fired on the spot. He showed up in WCW several months later as The Prisoner to face Sting. We haven't seen him since.

Scott "Flash" Norton

He was between WCW and IWGP, when he finally stayed in Japan. He became IWGP champion, but lost the title after a few months later.

Iceman Parsons

The former World Class champion is still kicking around the Texas indie circuit.


Del Wilkes's pro American hero debut in the Texas circuit, with a run as GWF champion. He would later seek moderate success in the WCW and WWF, battling monster heels and foreign villains. He injured his arm while in the WWF in early 1998, but the WWF dropped him after he was heeled, because of its new direction. Del retired and sales cars a Herndon Chevrolet in Lexington, SC. However, he did sell the gimmick to Tom Brandi, who uses it on the indie circuit.

"Surfer" Ray Odyssey

The surfer dude of ECW is still on the indie circuit.

Todd Pettingill

Announcer and host of several WWF shows, Todd has his own radio show in NYC and does infomercials on occasion.

Al Perez

Former jobber in both the WWF and WCW, he first popped up in World Class Wrestling, and in between the big two gigs, was active in Global Wrestling Federation, a place where X-pac, Harlem Heat, and Jerry Lynn got their start. (They had weekly shows on ESPN.) He would lose in the finals of the GWF World title tournament to the Patriot, and jumped to the WCW as the promotion closed. He was one of the Black Scorpions, managed by Gary Hart, and feuded with Nikita Koloff over the U.S. title. He left wrestling for a short time, coming back for the NWA tournaments (2nd NWA world tournament and tag tournament.) He currently lives in Tampa, but does some indy dates here and there.


A stagehand and trucker for WCW, Ralphus was discovered by Chris Jericho, who needed a sidekick during his last runs in the WCW. Jericho hired Ralphus as a bodyguard and was the brunt of some of the jokes. He used to wear a food stained t-shirt two sizes two small and had "Ralphus Personal security" written in marker. He was a cult figure among fans and left tv when Jericho left for the WWF. He is still trucking in the eastern U.S.

"Wildfire" Tommy Rich

The former NWA champion did a stint in the beginnings of ECW, and went on to do indie work.

Mike Rotundo

The former Irwin R. Shyster is reprise his Michael Wallstreet gimmick in MECW.

Giant Silva

The former Oddities member is currently wrestling in CMLL in Mexico.

Simpson brothers

The twin brothers Steve and Shaun were staples in Texas/World Class in the 80's. They left the sport and opened up Mattress Land, a chain of stores in and around Dallas. At least now they can say they can make people lie down for them.


"The Doctor of Style", manager of several wrestlers in the '80's and early '90's, is now a preacher.

Louie Spicolli

A wrestler whose career spanned the WWF, the ECW, and WCW, Spicolli dies in 1998 due to a drug overdose.


The WWF's Native American superstar left the company in the mid-90's, and is still involved in wrestling. He helped Stampede Wrestling get back on its feet. His site is He has weekly commentary and where he'll be wrestling.


He was operating a gym in Minnesota and had, at this posting, faced steroids charges.

Wendi Richter

Wendi, former WWF Woman's champ and managed by Cindy Lauper, Wendi left the WWF in the late '80's, winning the AWA woman's title. She still wrestles at indie shows in the US and Europe. She also sells realty and/or teaches school.

Jimmy Valiant

The "Boogie Woogie man" of the 80's in the indie circuit is still wrestling an owns his own wrestling school in Tennessee.

Savio Vega

The leader of Los Bariquas, is in the IWA in Puerto Rico.


The valet of the Million Dollar man and the now is wrestling on the indie circuit.


Rodney Anoia dies of heart failure in 2000. Rikishi wears AK4L on his robe in his honor.

Zeus, the Human Wrecking Machine

Zeus "Tiny" Lister played Hogan's nemesis in "No Hold's Barred" and had a infrequent wrestling career. He showed up as "Z-Gangster" at the Uncensored '86 against Hogan, but his wrestling career was weak compared to his acting. He has been in several movies, including "Friday" and "The 5th Element". He is still acting today.