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Where Are They Now? (A-M)

Adrian AdonisLudvig BorgaRonnie GarvinBart GunnThe JuicerJon "Pee Wee" Moore
Rob BartlettDino BravoEl Gigante/Giant GonzolesHakushiThe Junkyard DogDon "The Rock" Muraco
BlitzkriegBig Bully BusickTerry GordyHarris BrothersNikita KoloffHack Myers
Bad News BrownDamien DementoThe Great KabukiOliver HumperdinkJohn Kronus
BeulahEric EmbryGreat SasukeAustin IdolBalls Mahoney
Big SkyManny FernandezJuventud GuerreraAhmed Johnson"Dirty" Dutch Mantel

Adrian Adonis

Adrian died in a car accident with several other wrestlers in 1988 in Newfoundland. The van went over a cliff on the way to a show.

Rob Bartlett

One of the original hosts of Raw, Rob was a dj for a local NYC radio station. (Raw was being held at the Manhattan Center at the time.) He was less of a wrestling announcer than he was a fan of wrestling with a shtick. When Raw moved out of Manhattan and into the arenas after about a year, he was let go.


Jay (possibly Jeremey) Ross played the cruiserweight for the WCW in 1999, but was cut due to budget constraints. An unbelievable talent, he has found more success in the computer industry in southern California. He wrestles for indie shows on occasion.

Bad News Brown

Allen Coage played Bad News Allen before his stint in the WWF as Bad News Brown. He was similar to the current Steve Austin, as he had shaved his head, wore black trunks, and had a bad attitude. He had several memorable moments, as he won the WM 4 battle royal by eliminating Bret Hart; a feud with a painted half black Roddy Piper; and a guest on the Arsenio Hall with a fear of snakes, thanks to Jake Roberts. He's current working in Stampede as an announcer, as well as wrestling in Japan.


She was written out of the story lines 1998 because she wanted to take some time off. ECW never brought her back. She is persuing a college degree and it's still up in the air if she wants to return.

Big Sky

As Woman's bodyguard Nitron, and a former tag team partner of Kevin Nash, Big Sky (real name: Tyler Mane) worked in WCW for while as a wrestler. He is currently acting in Hollywood, with his most memorable role as Sabbertooth in the movie "The X-men".

Ludvig Borga

Tony Halme, aka Ludvig Borga, was the anti-American heel to Lugers patriotic face in 1993. Halme had trained in Japan and did have a boxing career for a short time. Halme was being pushed for the I-C title, when he broke his ankle. He would come back for one or two matches after he healed, but the WWF dropped him. He went on to wrestle in Europe and Japan, winding up doing boxing and shootfighting. (He showed up at UFC 13 and lost to Randy Couture.) He is continuing his boxing career, and is having some moderate success.

Dino Bravo

The Canadian strong man of the WWF was shot and killed mob style for his participation in illegal cigarette smuggling on March 11, 1993.

Big Bully Busick

A cigar chomping wrestler managed by Harvey Wippleman in the early '90's and Global Wrestling before that, he had disagreements with Vince over his character, and the two parted ways. He currently operates a security company in Pennsylvania and is active in power lifting.

Damien Demento

Wrestling for the WWF in 1994-1995, Phil Theis did a run as Damien Demento, a wrestler "from the outer reaches of you mind." Before Al Snow talked to a manaquin head, Damien talked to his thumb. Demento was actually a re-vamping of his IWCCW chcaracter of Mondo Kleen. (The IWCCW at the time had upstarts Tatanka, Tazmaniac (aka Tazz) and T.D. Madison (aka Tommy Dreamer). Phil wrestled foir a while in the indie circuit after his WWF stint ended and is now retired. He had a small role in "Die Hard 3" and is now hosting a cable access kids show in Long Island, NY.

Eric Embry

Eric Embry was best know for wrestling and running the USWA in the later '80's. After a serious car accident, Embry retired. He is currently working a sales job in Kentucky.

Manny Fernandez

"The Raging Bull", a staple in Texas area wrestling and a former tag partner of Ric Rude, still wrestles around the country doing indie dates. He's based out of North Carolina.

Ronnie Garvin

The "Rugged" one, former NWA champion and master of the Garvin stomp, is currently flying cargo planes for a living in the South. He still does indie dates once in a while.

El Gigante/Giant Gonzoles

Jorge Gonzales was a 7'7 wrestler from Argentina that the WCW hired in 1990. He went by the name El Gigante in WCW, and was a face with Sting's alliance, having a feud with World Champion Ric Flair. Bill Alfonzo, fluent in Spanish, was a WCW referee at the time, and became his translator. When Gonzoles left for the WWF, Alfonzo left too. Jorge took the name Giant Gonzoles in the WWF. He wore a bigfoot looking bodysuit and feuded with the Undertaker. After Gorge was cut from the WWF, he returned to his native Argentina and plays basketball for a short time. He is fighting some health problems currently.

Terry Gordy

Terry Gordy is best remembered as one part of the Fabulous Freebirds in the '80's. He eventually head for Japan, teaming with Steve Williams, winning numerious tag team titles, including the NWA tag titles. They ran rough shot over the WCW for a year or two, beofre leaving for Japan once again. On one trip back to Japan, Terry went into a coma for a few days. The ill effects of it could been seen immediately. Gordy came to the WWF as the Executioner in 1996, but after 6 months, he was gone. He went back to Japan, wrestling there and here in the states. he recently dies of heart failure in 2001.

The Great Kabuki

A face painted, mist sprewing Japanese wrestler who did a stint in the US in the '80's, he went back to Japan in the 90's and finished his career there. (The WCW/NWA had promoted The Great Muta as his son, but they are not related.) He's retied and owns a restaurant near the Tokyo Dome.

Great Sasuke

A light heavyweight hyped by the WWF, he was to be apart of the new light heavyweight division. They put him on the Canadian Stampede ppv, with Sasuke bring in TAKA Michinoku as his opponent. The WWF was so impressed with TAKA, they signed him instead of Sasuke. Sasuke wrestled for the ECW in the later '90's, and currently wrestles in Japan.

Juventud Guerrera

Juvi was fired from WCW due to drug related incidences in Australia. He is currently wrestling all around the world and the U.S.

Bart Gunn

The former tag team partner of "Mr. Ass", Bart is currently in Japan, wrestling as Mike Barton, in All Japan pro-wrestling.


Jinsei "Hakushi" Shinzaki had gotten a contract with the WWF in 1994, and was a low to mid-carder for the beginning of his stint. He was going to be dropped, when he was give a match with Bret Hart on Raw, which was an epic battle. For 20 minutes, the two worked an excellent match, which say the US tv debute of the Flying Space Tiger Drop. He had a mini feud with Hart, and the WWF resigned him. He was pushing for an I-C title run, until their paired him with Barry Horowitz, and he dropped in the card, become a jobber to the stars. He left for Japan to see the birth of his child, and the WWF didn't ask him back. The contract ran out, and the last time he wrestled on US soil was at ECW's Heat Wave '98, wrestling with Hayabusa against Rob Van Dam and Sabu. He currently wrestles with FMW and New Japan.

Harris Brothers

The twins Ron and Don Harris had a stint in the WWF as the "Blu Brothers" in 1995, with Uncle Zeb (Dutch Mantel.). The went on to become apart of the Disciples of Apocalypse as 8 ball and Skull, with Bryan "Crush" Adams and Brian "Chainz" Lee. The left for a short time, resurfacing as the Creative Control. The went by the Harris Borthers since then. They are on the independent circuit current, since the were without jobs after the WWF bought WCW.

Oliver Humperdink

Sir Oliver, or Big Daddy Dink, a manager in the WWF and WCW, does voice over work for Japanese videos and is otherwise retired.

Austin Idol

A former star in the south, he feuded with Jerry Lawler in the mid 80's. He is semi-retired and lives in Florida, although he does wrestle from time to time. It's rare, though, considering his history of no-shows.

Ahmed Johnson

The WWF let him go in 1998 because he was getting injured too much and working too stiff with his opponents. So stiff that he'd sometimes intentionally injure them. He is currently doing indie shows throughout Texas and other parts of the US.

The Juicer

The Juicer was a Beetlejuice rip-off character in WCW in the early '90's. He was protrayed by Art Barr, son of a Pacific North West Wrestling promoter. He died a few years ago from an apparent drug overdose.

The Junkyard Dog

The JYD, popular in his stints with the NWA and WWF, died a couple years ago in a car accident on June 2, 1998 after his car went off the road while driving in Mississippi, on his way home from North Carolina. He was going to his daughter's high school graduation, but ran late and missed it.

Nikita Koloff

After retirement in 1992 due to back injuries, Koloff had his own gym ("Nitika's Fortress of Fitness") just outside of Charlotte, NC. He had sold it, and is now a part time minster. Ted Dibiase and him are apart of the same church as well. He looks fit and will consider a comeback if the conditions are right.

John Kronus

Teaming with Perry Saturn as the Eliminators in the ECW, they were considered the best tag team in the minors in 1997. After Perry Saturn left for WCW, Kronos teamed breifly with New Jack, and then left ECW. He is doing indie gigs currently, including XPW.

Balls Mahoney

He works in the independent scene since ECW closed its doors. Just not Maryland, where is banned for bleeding in the ring.

"Dirty" Dutch Mantel

Wrestling legend from the '80's and '90's, Dutch is still work at indie shows.

Jon "Pee Wee" Moore

A referee for ECW, Pee Wee is a great friend of Sabu, and refed most of his matches, and still does to this day on the indie circuit.

Don "The Rock" Muraco

The Magnificent Muraco (the original Rock) was a superstar of the WWF in the '70's and '80's. He was a former tag and I-C champion, and his feud Ricky Steamboat was a memorable one. Don is currently residing in Hawaii, running the Hawaii Island Wrestling Federation, and does commercials for local businesses.

Hack Myers

The Shaw of ECW is currently wrestling on the indie scene.