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Groups and Tag Teams

bWoEliminatorsNasty BoyzSteiners
CliqueThe First FamilyNation of DominationThe Triple Threat
The Dangerous AllianceHardy BoysNWOThe Union
The Dudley BoysKaientaiPublic Enemy
DemolitionThe Legion of DoomThe Samoans


Who was the Blue World Order?

For a few months between 1996-1997, Steven Richards and the Blue Meanie had broken from Raven, who had left for the WCW, and created the bWo. It's a parody of the nWo, who were popular at the time, with Steven playing the Kevin Nash part as "Big Stevie Cool". The Blue Meanie became "The Blue Guy" (aka The Scott Hall role), and soon after, "Hollywood" Nova appeared. It was broken up after Steven went to the WCW in mid-1997.


Who were they?

Shawn Michaels (Mike Hickenbottom), Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, "1-2-3 Kid" (Sean Waltman), and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Paul Levesque) were best friends and held most of the booking power during 1994-1996. Wade Keller was created to giving them the name, even though they hated being called it. They would only put themselves over and sell each others moves.

What's the MSG incident?

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were leaving for the WCW in May 1996. Their final match was in the famed Madison Square Garden. Hall, a face at the time, and Triple H, a heel at the time, had a match earlier on. In the mian event, Michaels (face) and Nash (heel) faced each other in a steel cage match for the WWF title. After the match, breaking from kayfabe, Triple H and Hall made an enterance, and the four hugged each other to show their friendship and alliance. Since Michaels was champion, and Nash & Hall were on the way out, Triple H played scapegoat and lost in that year's King of the Ring in the second round to Jake Roberts. (Austin would win the tourney, and recieve the push Triple H was going to get.) Triple H was depushed 4 months, but, as everyone can see, he got over it.

What's with the crotch chops?

Upon entering the WCW, the nWo (Waltman, Nash, and Hall) would do it. (It is assumed that Waltman created the gesture initially.) Shawn Michaels and HHH would eventually tip their hats to their WCW counterparts by doing the same. When DX was formed, the wrist were crossed, forming an X, and took on a life of its own. It was stopped several years ago, due to critism of the gesture. However, they also used another sign, which was mainly used by the nWo. It consisted of bringing together your thumb and middle finger (like making the "okay" gesture, except with the middle finger). Bring your ring finger to touch them, and extend your pinky and index finger straight in the air.

Are they still friends?

Hall and Nash are best friends and are slated to reappear as "The Outsiders" in Japan on Jan. 3 2002. They keep in touch with Michaels. (Nash introduced Michaels to his current wife, Nitro Girl Whysper.) Waltman and Triple H still have a working relationship, but is unknown what their relationship is.

The Dangerous Alliance

Who were they?

Paul E. was "fired" as a commentator and vowed to bring WCW down for it. So, he went back to managing and started "The Dangerous Alliance". The team consisted of Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko and Madusa.

The Dudley Boys

Who is the Dudley Family?

ECW brought in the first Dudleys in 1995, consisting of Big Dick, Little Snot, and Dudley Dudley. They were remittent of the Hansen Brothers in the movie "Slapshot." Buh Buh Ray was introduced shortly after, and the Dudleys became fan favorites of sorts. Other Dudleys showed up of different ethnicities, including the Native American Dances with Dudleys and the Afro-American D-Von. Spike would soon enter the fold, and various other Dudleys were named from time to time. (Sign Guy and Hat Guy Dudley i.e.) D-Von split the Dudley clan with a heel turn, and the family began siding with him one by one. Spike was the only one who didn't turn. D-Von and Buh Buh have been together ever since.

Where are they now?

D-Von and Buh Buh are in the WWF with Spike. Big Dick does indie shows for XPW. Sign Guy became Lou E. Dangerously. The others are no where to be found.


Who were the original members?

Bill Eadie and Randy "Moondog Rex" Colley were the originals. Bill stayed as Ax, while Colley had a falling out with the WWF, and Barry Darsow took over.

Why did they add Crush in 1990?

Axe (Bill Eadie) was having heart problems and Crush (Bryan Adams) was used to take over some of the tag duties. Axe was fired eventually, due to the risk to his health.


Who were they?

Touted as one of the best tag teams in the world at the time, Perry Saturn and John Kronus were formed in 1995 in ECW. Tables, ladder, and chair matches were something they did before its popularity in the WWF. In 1997, however, Saturn, the workhorse, and Kronus, the laid-back guy, weren't seeing eye to eye. Saturn got a knee injury and signed with WCW during his rehab. Kronus had a few different partners, but didn't find his stride again. He's working in the XPW currently.

The First Family

Who were they?

Jimmy Hart created the First Family as a face group of wrestlers in 1980. The first members were Paul Ellering, Jimmy Valiant, and "The Crown Jewel" Jerry "The King" Lawler. Lawler broke his leg, and Hart made Ellering the new "King." Lawler and Valiant left the group as faces. Hart recruited Kevin Sullivan, Bobby Eaton, Sweet Brown Sugar (Ko Ko B. Ware), Ken Wayne, and Danny Davis for his heel group. Andy Kaufman joined the group in a certain capacity, with his feud with Lawler. (See Kaufman under Lawler's section in individuals.) Jesse Ventura, Ken Patera, and Randy Savage were also in the group at one time or another.

Hardy Boys

Are they really brothers?

Yes. Matt was born Sept. 23, 1975 and Jeff was born August 31, 1977 to Mrs. nad Mr. Hardy.

Who were the Jynx Brothers?

The Hardy Boyz donned masks as Wildo and Ingus Jynx in their first gimmicks in the WWF. They hailed from Australia and were mainly jobbers. They ditched the gimmick within the month.


Who are they and when did they from?

Sho Funaki, Mens Teioh, and Dick Togo comprised the team in Japan in the mid-90's. When they signed with the WWF, they took the name "Klub Kamikaze", until reprising the Kaientai name. TAKA Michinoku would join the group a few months later. Mens and Togo would leave the WWF eventually, and TAKA and Funaki are the current team.

What does Kaientai mean?

Depends on how you translate it: