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Masked Wrestlers Revealed

Thanks to: Rick Scaia and Netcop's RSPW FAQ

Arachnaman (early 90's WCW)

Brad Armstrong. Armstrong is the older brother of the Road Dogg. He also was "Buzzkill" in WCW.


Al Snow

Badstreet (early 90's WCW)

Brad Armstrong. Badstreet was an extra Freebird brought in about a decade back in the group's last days.

Battle Kat (late 80's WWF)

Brady Boone, but was later Bob Bradley. Boone had a cup of coffee with fame as he received a mini-push as a relative of Billy Jack Haynes in the WWF of the late 80's. Bradley was never seen on TV as anything but a jobber. He became a referee in 1998 for a couple of months before he died at age 40. Bradley (who did the handspring elbow during his stint) was a jobber and the character was assignated.

Black Blood

was Billy Jack Hayes in WCW in the early '90's.

Blue Blazer

Owen Hart


See them under Wrestling X-Files

Dark Patriot

The Patriot's evil opposite is played by Doug Gilbert.

The Executioner (1996 version)

Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy

Kato (early 90's WWF)

Paul Diamond. Diamond had teamed with Pat Tanaka previously, and was brought in as a masked wrestler to create a new Orient Express after Akio Sato was phased out.

Kim Chee

Kamala's handler, Kim Chee was played by Steve Lombardi, with a few exceptions.

Kwang (mid 90's WWF)

Savio Vega. Vega is now semi-retired after suffering an injury in 1998, and wrestling with the IWA in Puerto Rico.


The original was Mike "Corporal" Kirschner in Memphis.


Bruiser Mastino, who went on to work in ECW, the independent circuit, and internationally under the Mastino name.

The Machines

Please see them under Wrestling X-Files

Masked Knights (Survivor's Series '93)

Please see them under ppv and supercards.

Masked Superstar

Bill "Axe" Eadie

Masked Skyscraper (WCW WrestleWar 90)

"Mean" Mike Enos

Midnight Rider

Dusty Rhodes

Minnesota Wrecking Crew II

Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom on loan from the AWA. (They were the Destruction Crew there.)

Max Moon (early 90's WWF)

It was Paul Diamond about 90% of the time. Diamond was an AWA mainstay, who remained a player in Memphis until fairly recently. Max Moon was also portrayed initially by Konnan (of WCW fame), but that was only a very limited run before Diamond was tapped as his replacement.




See him under Where are they now?

Russian Assassins (NWA '88)

Angel of Death (#1, the tall one) and Jack Victory (#2, the one with big butt).


Generic masked team in the WWF in the late 80s were Jose Luis Rivera and Randy Culley.

Shanghai Pierce and Tex Slasenger (early 90's WCW tag team)/Texas Hangmen (AWA late '80's)

Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight, respectively. Together, they were also known as Henry and Phineas Godwinn. Today, Canterbury is semi-retired after an injury, while Knight is now known as Mideon.


Al Snow

The Spiders (mid 90's WWF jobber tag team)

The Headbangers. The 'Bangers had gotten the attention of the WWF office, and were being used pretty regularly, but weren't promoted as the Headbangers because it was a gimmick that wasn't property of the WWF. One or both of the Headbangers have a spiderweb tattooed on his arm, a nod of the head to the Spider days.

Super Invader (WCW ealry '90's)

Hercules (Hernandez)

Super Ninja (late '80's SNME vs. Ultimate Warrior)

"Crippler" Rip Oliver, of PNW fame.

War Machine (WarGames #2 '87)

Ray "Bossman" Traylor subbing for J.J. Dillon


Jim Neidhart

Yellow Dog

In Florida, Barry Windham lost a loser-leaves-town match and returned as the masked Yellow Dog. That was the first occurance. In WCW in 1991, Brian Pillman lost a loser-leaves-WCW match (to Windham, ironically enough) and WCW acknowledged this irony by having Pillman reappear (quite obviously) as the Yellow Dog.

The Yeti

Ron Reese