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Individual Wrestlers N-Z

Kevin NashDustin RhodesKen ShamrockUltimate Warrior
Diamond Dallas PageRoad DoggAl SnowUndertaker
Brian PillmanThe RockRicky SteamboatRob Van Dam
Roddy PiperSabuStingSid Vicious
RavenRandy SavageTazzBarry Whindham

Kevin Nash

Was he in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"?

Yes. He played Super Shredder in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Secret of the Ooze"

Diamond Dallas Page

When was his first WWF appearance?

Wrestlemania VI on April 1, 1990. He was driving Rhythm N' Blues's (the Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine) pink Cadillac. (Actually, Page owned the caddy.)

Brian Pillman

Was his ankle fused?

Yes. After a car wreck before he left for the WWF, his ankle was fused in one postion.

What was the "Bookerman" incident?

Brian Pillman needed a new gimmick, and soon after becoming a Horsemen in 1995. He became a "Loose Cannon", a crazy unpredictible character with tendancies to say and do whatever he wanted. In January 1996, Kevin Sullivan wanted to take Pillman out of the Horsemen and challenged him to an "I Respect You" strap match match at SuperBrawl VI, which someone saying "I respect you" to finish the match. After two minutes of non-cooperative wrestling, Pillman jumped out of the ring and grabbed a mic. "I respect you bookerman" was uttered, in reference to Sullivan being the Booker of WCW at the time. Sullivan was shocked for a minute after Pillman walked out of the match, having the rest of the Horsemen finishing it for him.

Although thought to be a shoot, it wasn't. Sullivan and Pillman decided that it would be a way to continue his "Loose Cannon" character in the ECW and WWF and to out-smart the smart wrestling fans. Hence the term "Pillman Shoot".

Roddy Piper

Did he kill a man in the ring?

No, but a man did die during a match with him. "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw was a jobber and Piper had put a beating to him. After two piledrivers on the concrete floor, Rick went unconcious and died. It was thought to be a drug related, and none of Piper's action contributed to his death.

2) What was with the half black, half white paint in 1990?

He was feuding with Bad News Brown and was making sure "race wasn't an issue."


Real Name: Scott Levy

Who was Johnny Polo? Who was Scotty the Body and Johnny Flamingo?

Scott Levy had entered the business under the name Scotty the Body. He changed his name to Scotty Flamingo when he entered the WCW in 1992 and portrayed a snobby, spoiled rich kid. Scott Levy got a WWF contract in 1994 and protrayed a character called Johnny Polo, basically the Flamingo character. He was a color commentator and manager, leading the Quebecers to the WWF tag belts, and introducer the world to Bryan Clarke (then Atom Bomb) to the WWF. Polo wrestled on occasion, but had a producing role behind the scenes, for the b-level tv shows. He also hosted WWF radio for a while, until his contract ran out and left for ECW.

Dustin Rhodes

Why was he fired from WCW in 1995?

He was in a "King of the Road" match with The Blacktop Bully (Barry Darsow) at Uncensored and was fired for bleeding. He jumped to the WWF soon after.

Road Dogg

Real name: Brian James

Did he serve in the Gulf War?

Yes, in the Marines.

Why was he called "the Road Dogg"?

During his tenure as the "Roadie" with Jeff Jarrett in the WWF in 1995, the name "The Road Dogg" popped up as his nickname. When Jarrett left in 1996, he was put in the "Real Double J" Jesse James" gimmick, having sung Jeff Jarrett's "With My Baby Tonight". He went back to Road Dogg when he started to team with "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn as the "New Age Outlaws."

Did he actually sing "With My Baby Tonight", instead of Jeff Jarrett?

Yes. That part of the angle was true.

What was "the Armstrong curse"?

Road Dogg's family, the Armstrongs (actual names are James), never found really much success in the WCW. His brothers, Bob Jr. (who wrestled as Brad), Scott and Steve, were given the gimmick in the middle years of the WCW of having not won that many matches in their tenure. WCW couldn't mention RoadDogg's success in the WWF of cource, but Brian (Roaddogg) would usually joke about this in the WWF, revealing an interesting new "Look Ma, No Curse" t-shirt on TV in 1998.

The Rock

Real name: Dwayne Johnson

Who was Flex Kavana?

It was the Rock's first gimmick. He used it during his tryout for the WWF and his development through the USWA. It was dropped when he signed with the WWF.

Did he have breast reduction surgery?

He had some fatty tissue removed from his chest in early 1999, which is why he wore shirts during that time.


Was he in WCW at one time?

Yes, but just on one Nitro. He was given a 90 day contract, but both sides were in disagreement on his wrestling. (Sabu was a bit more violent than the WCW style, and Sabu didn't want to water it down. So they parted ways and Sabu went back to ECW.

Randy Savage

Did he really break Ricky Steamboat's larynx with a ring bell in '86?

In a word, no. It was a part of an angle to let Steamboat work some independant dates and set up for of of the best matches of all time at WM 3.

Did he really get bit by Jake Robert's cobra in 1991?

Yes. Savage basically bit the bullet for the WWF, so to speak, letting the snake bite him and make him bleed. However, there was no venom in the snake, so he was fine afterwards.

Ken Shamrock

Where is he now?

Besides shoot fighting and running the Lion's Den, Shamrock is looking forward to coming back to the WWF eventually. The WWF and Shamrock are on very good terms and Shamrock has an open door policy when it comes to Shamrock coming back to the WWF.

Al Snow

Was he at UFC 4 in Dan Severn's corner?

Yes. In 1995, Snow was considering a shot at strong style wrestling, which is stiffer than pro-wrestling, but predetermined like it, and he wrestled Dan Severn in his only match in the style. Severn signed up for UFC 4 that same day, and asked Snow to help him train. Snow agreed and he was Severn's second in the UFC 4. He got in a classic line when the announcer asked about what he was going to do when to prepare for his next match. "He's gonna go back to the dressing room and tire himself out by having sex," Al said. Severn would lose to Royce Gracie in the finals, and Snow and Severn went their separate ways.

Ricky Steamboat

Why did he lose the title two months after he won it at WM 3?

He wanted some time off, so he jobbed the title to the Honky Tonk man. He did come back 6 months later, feuding with Rick Rude, before getting eliminated in the WWF title tournament at WM 4 in the first round by Greg Valentine. He left the WWF soon after and went to NWA/WCW at the end of the year.


Real name: Steve Bordon

Has he always been in the NWA/WCW?

He was on the indie scene before joining the UWF. He joined the WCW and was there until the WWF bought it out.

Who was the Black Scorpion?

In mid-1990, Sting was WCW champion after having beat Ric Flair at the Great American Bash. A mysterious masked man started coming to WCW events, dressed all in black, harassing Sting. It would do magic tricks and sometimes be more than one of them in an arena. The original person slated to be the masked man was The Ultimate Warrior, but he renewed his contract with the WWF, and Ric Flair wound up taking the gimmick. He was revealed at Starrcade, and was defeated by Sting.


What's the FTW title?

In Tazz's later days in the ECW, he was not ECW champion, but had created his own belt, the FTW title. (FTW is short for F the World.)

Ultimate Warrior

Has there been more than one?

No. Jim Hellwig may have changed his looks, but he has always played the Ultimate Warrior. He is still alive too.

Who were Powerteam USA/"The Blade Runners?"

In 1985, a group of bodybuilders were assembled by Red Bastien and Rick Bassman and called them "Powerteam USA". The members were Jim "Justice" Hellwig (later the Ultimate Warrior), Steve "Flash" Borden (later Sting), Mark "Commando" Miller and Garland "Glory" Donnoho. They were going to train them to become wrestlers, but the plans were abandoned due to their miserable wrestling abilities. Borden and Hellwig tagged as "The Blade Runners" for a short period before going on their separate ways.

Who was "The Dingo Warrior"?

After his stint with Sting, Hellwig toured Texas as "The Dingo Warrior" before he made his debut in the WWF.

Did he change his name to the Warrior?

Yes. In 1991 he changed his name to preserve his name and character from WWF copyright before he left the company. In 1996, he got the trademark and rights to the name. He could officially wrestle anywhere under "The Ultimate Warrior".


Real name: Mark Calloway

Wasn't he apart of the Skycrappers?

Yes. When Sid Vicious got injured in 1990, Mark Callous replaced him in the Skyscrappers. His partner was Dan Spivey.

Are him and Kane really brothers?

Nope. Just apart of the storyline. Kane is Glenn Jacobs.

Who were "the creatures of the night"?

During 1993, Mr. Hughes took the Undertaker out of action. Until his return, two goth dressed audience members would put a funeral reef at ringside. They were known as the creatures of the night.

Who was the Underfaker?

In 1994, the Undertaker wanted to take time off, so he lost a coffin match with Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble. He disappeared and vowed to return; floating to the top of the arena. (Marty Jannetty was in the Undertaker get-up and was elevated.) Several months later, Ted DiBiase claimed that he would bring the Undertaker, and the UT's manager Paul Bearer denied it. The Underfaker (Brian Lee) appeared, claiming to be the Undertaker, and Paul Bearer said he would bring the original at SummerSlam. Hence, the Undertaker vs. the Undertaker. The original won, of cource.

Why did he wear that mask in 1995?

On tv, it was because he was injured in the face by King Mabel. The real story--he broke a bone in his face in a match with Isaac Yankem, DDS, soon-to-be Kane. After the bone heeled, they kept the mask on for a while for the gimmick, and he dropped it about a year later.

Rob Van Dam

Why "Mr. Monday Night"?

Van Dam was being courted by the WCW and WWF in 1994 and was highly considering jumping from ECW. RVD was expected to be jumping ship to the WCW come the first ECW ppv, as he was subbing for Chris Candido. Everyone thought he would losing to Lance Storm, but that wasn't the case., as RVD told the crowd they didn't respect him. RVD was soon spotted behind the scenes at a Nitro show, and rumors were flying about him going to the WCW. The week came which he was suppose to premiere on Nitro, but he wound up on Raw instead. ECW and the WWF did an inter-promotional deal which lasted two weeks, and RVD was, according to Lawler, "the only talented wrestler in Extremely Crappy Wrestling." Hence Mr. Monday Night was born. When the inter-promotional deal was over due to creative differences, RVD became a staple in ECW.

Sid Vicious

Who was Lord Humongous?

The movie "Road Warrior" inspired Lord Humongous was Sid's first gimmick in Memphis wrestling. Many others have used it, but Sid is the most well known.

Barry Whindham

Real name: Barry Mulligan

Is he Black Jack Mulligan's son? Kendall's brother?

Yes on both accounts.

Where is he now?

Barry wrestles in both New Japan Pro-wrestling and Dusty Rhode's Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, as well as his brother Kendall.