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The Wrestling Textbook

Still under construction

But then again, it will always be under construction. Right now, there are more advanced questions in the pages, but if you want some answers not found on this site, try Netcop's RSPW FAQs. Have any questions that neither of us have answered, click "ask me" at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents

Advanced Wrestling Terms

Vocabulary for the smart fans.

Wrestling Federations

Facts about major and independent promotions

Individual Wrestlers



Facts about your favorite wrestler

Groups and Tag Teams

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!"

Pay-per-view and Supercard questions

How did they come about and what happened to change the card...

Wrestling X-Files

Disappearing gimmicks and unusual happenings solved.

Under the Hood

Masked Wrestlers revealed.

Where are they now?



The wrestling stars that disappeared from the majors

Sources for other information

Jason Campbell's Supercards and Tournaments

Remember that card when he defeated him for that belt? Jason Campbell has the answers.

BBBoWM: The Big, Big Book of Wrestling Moves

Just in case you don't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch. (This one's for you Hogan!)

Gary Will's Title Histories

Who did who beat for what title when? (Try saying that 5 times fast.)

Women of Wrestling

Behind every great wrestler, their is a great woman...

Ask me

Have a question you can't answer? E-mail me.