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Emus Family of 4 FOR SALE

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Emu Adults
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EMUS FAMILY OF FOUR FOR SALE:$1000.00 or trade for:exotic birds amazing grey parrot or macaw birds, or trade for ?? Moving must sell. Two breeding pairs are worth $1500.00 so your getting a REAL BARGIN of four for $1000.00 !

General Information:
Emu are members of the Ostrich family of flightless rare exotic birds, which have small underdeveloped small wings. They have black heads with tan brown body colors. Emu are the second largest living bird and have survived over 80 million years in their native Australia. Our Emu adults pets are tame and love to be rubbed on their necks and body, once they get to know you. Our Two Adults Emus named Raggity Ann and Andy were born in March 1994 and are 4 years old excellent breeders. You can rename them if you like to.

Emu were originally imported to the United States in the early 1930's, primarily as exotic zoo stock. In 1960 the Emu became the Australian national bird.

Emu Babies
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When the Emu are born, they are about ten inches tall. Within a year, they are fully mature, standing about 5 to 6 feet tall and weighing upwards of 150 pounds. They are very strong runners, running (in short bursts) up to 60 km/hr. and taking 9 foot strides. (You thought it was hard to catch your dog when he wants to play). Our Two EMU babies are 6 months old and born last April 7,2000.

Emu are curious and very playful. They love to play with hats, frisbes, soft type of balls and other objects which they take from you and want you to chase them to get it back. Our Emu birds love to have you rub their necks once they get to know you.

emu eggs
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Emu are quite prolific, with each mature breeding pair producing 20 to 50 eggs per year. The eggs are dark green in color. Breeding season lasts from November to May. During this time, the female will lay an egg every third day. The Male will sit on and incubate the eggs. The eggs will hatch in 52 days, producing a chick which will walk that day. Once an Emu pair start breeding season, they can lay between 20 and 50 eggs. In the course of one year an Emu will grow to six feet in height. From twelve to sixteen months of age, they will reach their full weight of 120 to 150 pounds.

Weather Hardy:
Emu are very hardy and adaptable birds. They have no known diseases that are common to the species. They can thrive in environments ranging from the hot desert to 100 degrees below zero. They love to dance in the rain or garden hose water. Putting straw on their bedding area helps to keep mud off during winter season.

Farm raised emu nurtured with wholesome all in one grain based feed and 2 to 4 gallons of water per day. All in one feed (same as chicken feed) cost around $7.00 for 25 pounds of feed, and last 3 weeks for our emu's food. They love cat food for treats. Our Emu's doesn't like the normal Emu food pellits.

20' by 50' or more is suitable run for these birds. But fenceing must be at least 5' or higher as these birds do know how to jump fences lower than 5' and love to chase the school bus down the road. They can run up to 40- 60 mph but in short burst and they tire easy. It is easy to catch an Emu once it is outside of its pen with cat food and they come running. Also a car can easily guide them back to their pen as they love to run on the pavement roads. Special harness can be brought from the nearest Grange CO OP STORES.

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