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Heartstrings Favorite Sites

Welcome to another page of my favorite site links.There are so many good sites on the web,and I just wanted to share a couple...actually a couple dozen would be more like it...ha......But they are all good sites and it's hard to chose only a few..I love sites that deal with country living,gardening,crafts,so on these sites listed you will find plenty of each.So kick back and relax and enjoy,if you're not into Country Living,by the time you visit these sites you will be....We're not all that bad a bunch!!!!And who knows you just might learn something you didn't know yesterday.

Cozy Country Sites

Country Bears

Country Hearts

Simply Country

Totally Country Websites

Country Lovin' Cookin'

Allies All Country Ring

Country Comforts

Homespun Hearts

Kindered Hearts

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