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Family Emergency Preparedness

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The Family Emergency Manual is not intended just for Y2K. To much is happening in our world to limit what we protect our families from. I must stress that we need to prepare our family, our children... for any situation that they could face. My children sometimes think I'm a worry wort, but it is not long before something happens to prove that I Love them enough to prepare. We have emergency drills here alot, my boys were really sick of them, my oldest daughter said that kinda of stuff won't happen here. Then, Colorado... They have really taken a closer look at people, their friends, kids at school, and their community. We have been preparing for a natural disaster, even Y2K, or a depression. It's true Y2K is no longer just a simple warning of what could happen, it's a fact that we must all be ready to face. However, don't let Y2K be the only thing you prepare your families for. Survival depends on our knowledge & willingness to prepare. We can be self sufficent even in the city, there are a multitude of things we can do and endless information available. Plan & Prepare. Preparing for the worst & praying for the best, you know that your family will be safe from the unknown future. Family safety skills, code words, meeting places, food storage, emergency water, survival skills, gardening, & carpentry, and much more, will increase your chances of getting through any disaster that comes.

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Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor.

We in our family; John & Diana, Children; Amber, Misty, Danyale, Jeffrey, Mathew, Angela; Leslie & husband Matt, and two children Sabrina and Robert, are glad that you found our site.We hope to be able to offer you and your family some valuable information.

Because of the great response from our book,we are adding a supplement. Solar application, greenhouses for food, hot water & heating your home. These are simple, inexpensive things that people can do to prepare for emergency situations. Soon we will be adding the basics of homesteading... For those that are going to be relocating. Be Prepared to face the New Millenium...

*We must all educate ourselves on this issue. We will all view it differently, we are human and all have freedom of choice.

*We can choose to do nothing and hope that the out come will be nothing more than, "A Close Call."

*We can prepare, food, water, shelter, our children, etc... There is nothing wrong with having extra; it's smart to have hard copies of everything anyway, and what better way to have control over our lives than to start paying ahead & get out of personal debt. Sounds like better planning, and wise to want to have your life in order.

*Choice is something that each person has been given. We should respect one another, you can't force an issue. When the time is right each person is capable of making sound desisions or accept the consequence.

*If you really are concerned for those not preparing, store extra. Life is a funny thing, we take risks everyday,

Nothing vs. Prepare.

They are both a risk, depending on your beleifs, income, location, & many other factors. Think things through, your family is counting on you, make the best choice you can.

*Want to talk, have a question, or comment, please feel free to e-mail.

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Each of us will prepare alittle differently, it all depends on our families needs. We should all have the basics covered. WATER, FOOD STORAGE, SHELTER, PROTECTION. Everything else in between is a bonus.

Get to know you store managers, local mills, pasta plant employees, soda company drivers; all of these people and more are great assets. If these people cordinate their efforts, (buying for each other, because they can get a great discount)they will all benifit. Make a list of people in town that could help you and your family, gradually get to know them, they may be looking for information on y2k and you have it.

With the dawn of a new age around the corner, my husband & I started a food storage about two years ago. I took a good hard look around, we take to much for granted. Our food storage started out small, mostly odd and end stuff. We have come to terms with the changing world and feel strongly that we must prepare our family & our community for the turmoil ahead.

When I first started our food storage I left a big part out. Soap, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper. That would not be a pretty site! There are so many things to think about, but only store what you can afford. We have improved our food storage alot by simply searching for the best price, then buy in bulk.

Our children recognize on their own now the changes taking place in the world. They are active in our efforts to prepare. Our children are our source of strength, they keep us on the staight and narrow. Our faith comes from knowing that we have been entrusted to care for, guide, nurture, & protect these beautiful Souls. We take this responsibility with great humility, and pray for guidence often.

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