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Would You Walk With Jesus?

Would you walk with Jesus
If He stood right by your side?
The flesh and blood Messiah
Like He was before He died?
Would you stand beside Him
If you saw Him face to face,
If you could gaze into His eyes
And see His mercy and His grace?
Of course you would. I would, too
If Christ was just like me and you.
It'd be so easy if He were flesh and bone
But tell me, would you stand alone?
If you're the last Christian standing,
All your brothers and sisters fallen down,
Will you stand up and fight for Jesus
Or will you fall down onto the ground?
When all those around you have forgotten
And blend in with everyone else
Will you remain true to your Master
Or will you drive a hammer in His nails?
Of course we say that we would follow
Anywhere, wherever He may lead;
But words are merely expressions;
We have to follow Him in deed!
People are falling left and right
Each day another brother will fall.
Will you be a true survivor?
Will you stay true to His call?
Would you walk beside your Jesus
If He was walking by your side?
Your flesh and blood Messiah,
Just like He was before He died?
Or would you be like His disciples
Who forsook Him when soldiers came?
See, this is a real question,
We are not in a fantasy game!
We will stand with Jesus
Just like He commands.
We will put our hopes and dreams
Safely in His hands!

This poem talks about being a true Christian. We don't know what it is like to be persecuted, but what if you DID have to make a choice? What would it be? It's something to think about!