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Dry Your Tears

I want to dry your tears,
To tell you not to cry,
"Everything will be okay.
We're gonna be just fine."
I'd like to make you smile,
Or at least show a grin
And say that our lives
Will be normal once again.
But I can not do that
I can't scold you for crying.
I'm bawling on the inside,
It feels like I am dying.
Yes, everything will work out.
I'll be all right in the end
But I can't stop my tears
Because I am leaving my dearest friend.
No, you will never be forgotten,
You won't just be part of my past.
You will always be present with me,
Our friendship will always last!
So try to dry your tears,
And I'll try to dry mine too.
My world still won't be the same, though,
Once I move away from you.

I wrote this when my family and I moved from Mississippi to Washington State. I was leaving some very good friends behind. Of course, you never lose a true friend. Still, 3000 miles is a LONG way to be apart from a friend!!