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GMA Coronation 2002 Pictures

Here is a picture of Sherri and I during GMA coronation last year. . . . what a "cute" pose! LOL

And now, a more serious picture of the two of us at coronation:

If you look carefully in this picture, you can see something coming down from the sky. . . an angel, the Holy Spirit, a meteor? I dunno . . . .It was sorta cool so I decided to put it in here:

Okay, here's a couple more "cute" pictures of Sherri and I. Well, not me. . . you know what I mean!! LOL

Okay, okay. . . that was the last "cute" pose! I promise!!

One of the best parts of GMA coronation is after all the GMAs have received their bracelets, sceptres, sashes, etc. . . It is when we get to EAT!! (You know us Baptists. . . .we'll throw in a good fellowship dinner whenever we can!!) One of our favorite types of food is seafood, er, I mean. . .SEEfood. . . SEE???

By the way. . . . For those of you who have no clue what a "GMA Coronation" is (or what a GMA is, for that matter!) let me try to educate ya real quick. . . Our church participates in a program known as the Girl's Missionary Auxilary (GMA). The girls go through different steps and memorize verses, do projects, learn about missions, etc. . . The last steps are known as the Queen steps. Every September at church we have a special service to recognize all of the GMAs. The girls wear white dresses and they get guys to walk them down the aisle and all . . . it's really neat. I was Sherri's escort even before we started dating!! This year I was not in Washington to escort her, so that was a bummer. . . Anyway. . . The girls recite verses and receive awards such as a sash or a bracelet or a tiara upon completion of their step. It's cool. That is a "GMA Coronation." Now ya know (happy, Sherri? LOL)

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