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Because I Give You All My Heart

You are the only One
Who makes my world go ‘round.
You are the only One
Who makes a smile out of a frown.
Oh God, You are my everything!
You’re the only One I desire.
Oh God, I pray so earnestly
That You will set my heart on fire.
I worship You with all my soul,
I love You, Lord, with all my heart.
I praise You, God, with all my might.
I never want to be apart!
Let my old man die
And the new man live;
To You, my King,
My life I give.
It’s all about You,
And not about me.
Your mercies now
I long to see.
So here is my heart, my soul, my mind;
No greater love will I ever find.
As you change my life I will confess
That You alone are God, my happiness
Because I give You all of my heart..

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