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You Are All I Need

I'm walking step by step,
Taking it day by day;
Trusting You, oh God,
To help me find the way.
I've stumbled many times
Fallen flat on my face,
And I've seen the wonders
Of your awesome, perfect grace!
Now I'm asking You to lead me,
Hold my hand in Yours.
Keep my eyes focused on You
And not on Satan's lures.
Show me what You want from me,
What I need to do.
Help me, oh my Lord,
To be more like You.
I've turned my back on the old way
And the my old man die indeed.
I realize that I have lived a lie
And that YOU are all I need!.

When we get to the point to where God is all we desire, once we realize that He is all we really need, then we can break through into the blessed life. That is when He can truly use us!