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Current Active Members

Jeff Harris

Founder and lead investigator of S.P.I.R.E., Jeff is also on the board of the Southeastern Institute of Parapsychology, and author of the book "The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide"

Dr, Mark Burtman

Dr. Burtman is a practicing physician in Columbus Mississippi, A professional poker player (who has played in the world series of poker, an author (his current novel, "A Girl in the Game" is available on, and a musician (Who recently played at the rockabilly hall of fame along with his band "The Cemetery Surfers". Dr. Mark is a lead investigator and skeptic who is currently in charge of the Columbus/Starkville area.

Fleur Harris

Fluer is our meter specialist and tech.

If there is something to be found, she will find it.

Fleur is a sensitive, able to pick up emotions from places and things.

Although we cannot scientifically prove her abilities, we use her to lead us to areas of activity that we can document using our gear.

She has proven herself surprisingly accurate.