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Ghost Stories of Mississippi

Ghost Stories Submitted to Us By YOU!

Swing Bridge

I am a paranormal investigator in the Central Mississippi area.

I have a Mississippi Ghost story for you.

The Swing Bridge is a very old bridge located in Byram MS. My group and I decided to go out one night to it investigate some of the strange things that happen on the bridge.

It was about 10:00 on a Saturday night when we got there. We had just gotten out of the car when we heard singing. So we walked toward the singing and took out the camera to see if it would capture the cause of the sound. We heard something moving right under the bridge. It sounded like something was trying to break though the wood and the singing was now right beside us. We were all scared by then and decided to leave. As we were getting in to the car my friend took out the camera again and video taped the layout of the bridge one more time. Later that night we were looking over the tape see if we got any sound. There was no sound to be heard but us screaming like little girls. But at the very end of the tape when my friend had video taped the layout of the bridge you could see something laying across the bridge. You could see it plain as day but it was not there when were we looking. It only showed up on the video camera. Well, that is my story, it may not seem very scary but at the time it was. I have more stories than that. My group and I go out on monthly hunts (as we call them) to investigate so I will have more later. -Nichole

Witch Dance

Just south of Tupelo is a sign that was placed by the National Park Service which reads WITCH DANCE..

The old folks say the witches once gathered here to dance and that whenever their feet touched the ground the grass withered and died, never to grow again....

And the sign appears to be right. If you search around the area, you can actually find scorched spots on the earth where the grass will not grow.

These spots have been there for years, catching the interest of even Andrew Jackson, who noted the spots in his journal after a trip along the Trace on the way home to Tennessee.

The Trace is very old. It was traveled along by the explorer De Soto in 1541 and for more than 500 years before that, used by the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians as the best way to travel.... but even they avoided the scorched places in the earth.

It has been told to me that if your car breaks down on the Trace, especially in front of Witch Dance, stay with your car.

Wait for a ranger.

Do not try to walk to get to a phone...

Or you might not make it...ever.

People disappear there. They always have.-Jeff

Hawthorn Hall and More...

Hi, I came across your web site and have a story I think you may be interested in. This occurred near the end of my Freshman year at Mississippi State (Spring 2000 I think). At the time I lived in Hawthorn Hall on the 4th floor.

My roommate and I had just finished rearranging our dorm room so the bunk beds were near the door with our heads facing the door and our feet facing across the room at the window. We finished this around midnight and both went to sleep about one or two.

I woke up about three in the morning to see Chris (my roommate) walking around halfway between the door and the window.

This wasn't unusual because he had a tendency to talk and walk in his sleep. I called his name trying to wake him up so I could get back to sleep. As soon as I said his name I heard him roll over in his bunk above me. I looked in the mirror and could see him asleep in bed. I started to think the guy in the room was a student that went to the bar and came into the wrong room by mistake. Before I could get out of bed to get this guy out of the room I saw him go from a 5' 9" solid figure to a ball of light about the size of a baseball. This ball then flew directly in front of me and into the door by my head. It hit the door hard enough to shake it.

I didn't sleep the rest of the night, and when Chris saw me the next morning he could tell something had rattled me. When I explained what I had seen He laughed and called me crazy. About two weeks later I woke up to Chris yelling very early in the morning. At first I thought he was having a nightmare and talking in his sleep but when he ran out of the room I knew something was wrong. I chased him down the hall where he told me he had seen just about the same exact thing I had. Neither of us slept well the rest of the semester, but we never saw anything in the room again.


Several years ago I lived in Yazoo City on Broadway Street. I was home alone one night and heard a sound that sounded like someone had rolled a bag of marbles down the stairs. This was a narrow set of stairs that went across my closet. It was late about midnight. I thought someone had left a window open and a squirrel had gotten in and was playing with my son's toys. His play room was up stairs. I search but never found anything. My sister in law and her husband came for a visit shortly after this and complain about us walking around all night upstairs. No one had been up there. On several occasions after that we would hear foot steps upstairs at night. We joked about having a pet ghost.


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