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Behind The Investigation : Stories and Legends

After we hear of a possible haunting, we investigate as soon as possible.

We also look into legends and stories about the places we investigate..

Here are a few..

Pontotoc City Cemetery

Pontotoc Cemetery:

The Facts:

The Pontotoc City Cemetery was given to the City of Pontotoc by the Chickasaws and the U.S. Government on June 22nd,1852, because "many Chickasaws and their white friends were buried there" Maj. Gen. William Colbert was buried there in 1835, Rev. Thomas Stuart,missionary to the Chickasaws was also buried there. There are no marked indian graves.

The Stories:

According to legend, one evening in the early 1900's three young men entered the cemetery in order to use it as a shortcut. On their way through, it was decided by two of the young men to play a prank on the third. One of the young men would fall behind the group and hide behind a tombstone in order to frighten the other boy. Slowly slipping away, he soon knelt behind a large grave marker and began making "strange noises"... saying , "This is my plot o' land, better get off while you can." Instead of being frightened, the third boy went back to investigate knowing it was his missing companion. The two boys then called out saying, "C'mon out, we know it's you.." When the noises continued, and the boy didn't emerge, The two boys looked closer and saw a whispy figure resembling an old man. The boys ran off.. their companion was never heard from again.

Strange lights and sounds still sometimes appear at this place.. and to this day, there is no vandelism at this cemetery.. Is it because it is guarded and locked?.. No. There are no locked gates and no police patrols..

Maybe in this place, they know how to protect their own...

Pontotc Home Investigation

Although the homeowners wished a certain modicum of privacy , with their names and adress withheld, It wouldn't be giving away too much to share the following:

The Facts:

The property upon which this investigation took place was once part of the Lochinvar estate.. (you can look it up on the net.. there are several stories connected with it)

Built before the civil war, the estate was owned by Col. Robert Gordon, He died away from his home in battle. The area was used by Confederate soldiers as a field hospital. There are 2 Chickasaw Indian mounds on the property we investigated. The land used to belong to a Chickasaw chief before it was "appropriated" by Col. Gordon.

One of our Team members once lived on this property in a rental house as a child. He refused to go on the investigation.

He said ," There are only a few things that scare me.. that place is one of 'em".

The Stories:

Many years ago, in a rental home that used to be on the property, a strange shadowy figure would walk through the home at night. Faucets and lights would mysteriousely go on and off, nightmares were a common occurence and no one who lived there ever had any good luck.. to go any further on that would require breaking confidence... It is enough to say that the children ended up in an orphanage.

Recent stories :

The people who live there now have experienced a bit of paranormal acivity.. being wakened in the middle of the night by the sound of horses running (no one around them has any horses), Strange shadows that streak across the room, Lights that go on and off by themselves and a bathroom door that slammed and locked on its own. The Spirits seem to like the new car though.. the headlights, tail lights and blinkers will randomly come on and off on their own when it is parked in the driveway, and the owners are in the home.

this has been witnessed by more than a few people.. sometimes when they are no more than 30 feet away. Being their home is a bit remote and the have a rather large guard dog, the possibility ofit being a prank is almost non-existant.

When we investigated, the motion sensor placed on the bed (sealed room) kept going off.. this picture of the bed was taken as the sensor went off.. Is the mist just a glitch on the film?... If so then this photo contains the only glitch on the entire roll.

The Natchez Trace

The Watcher in The Woods


Located on The Natchez Trace next to the 270 mile marker is "The Old Trace" and according to the official park brochure, " A short walk on the old trace takes you to the graves of 13 unknown Confederate soldiers."

That's all it says. nothing else.. They seem to have expounded on almost every other piece of trivia in the park, but this one remains a mystery.

There is something strange about the fact that all the grave markers are backwards (facing away from the graves).. but the rangers do not share haunted tales.. in fact it is their job to deny them.

The Trace is very old. It was traveled along by the explorer De Soto in 1541 and for more than 500 years before that, used by the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians as the best way to travel.

Later the pathway was used by settlers making their way to the west, and while they had their own legends and ghost stories to tell, they were more afraid of being robbed and murdered on the Trace, two very real possibilities.

The Stories:

According to some, An indian scout dogged the trail of the Confederate soldiers who used the trace as a main highway.. The scout was later caught and executed. He is said to still watch and follow travelers in this area. Strange lights and noises are said to come from this spot in the night. It is said that it is scout still doing his job.

During our investigation, we didn't see many strange lights, but we did get some strange readings on our equipment.

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