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Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic voice phenomenon or EVP is an interesting take on ghost hunting. Quite often a voice will appear on a tape recorder that was inaudible to human ears. Sounds, knocks, cries and even full sentences have shown up when there was no visible cause.

Thomas Edisonís last invention was a machine for recording the voices of the dead. Unfortunately he died before he could complete it. With the abundance of digital and tape recorders available today, it was inevitable that sooner or later one would pick up something unexplainable.

On our recent expeditions, we have collected several voices that cannot be explained.

Capturing a ghostly voice can be even more exciting than getting a picture.. quite often investigators hear their own voices called out. None of this can be heard at the time of the recording, but play it back and sure enough, itís there.

Mooreville Factory EVP

This recording was made during our Factory investigation in Mooreville.

There are several strange things that were picked up on the tape.

Each item is repeated several times, so you can hear it better.

This may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient.


1829 Plantation EVP

This was made in the bathroom at 4am using a digital recorder at the Plantation.

The first sound you hear will be water dripping..


Ecru EVP

This recording was made recently at the Small House in Ecru investigation.. it consists of a strange noise followed by investigators asking questions a...

and getting answers.