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          The city of Vladivostok, Russia is located less than 100 km east of the Chinese border (next to the Sea of Japan) and is home to the Russian Pacific Fleet. Because of its ideal location shipping and commercial fishing are the main commercial industries.  Vladivostok is Russia’s crossroads to Northeast Asia.  Founded in 1860 the city was closed to all non-Soviets from 1958 until 1991.  With a population of 700,000, Valdivostok has become a hotbed of mafia activity and known for the highest cost of living and crime rate in Russia. 

          Although, in Harbin, which is 300 miles north of Vladivostok, they hold an annual snow and ice sculpture festival competition that date back to the Manchu Times.  The first show was organized in 1963 but the competition and festival began in 1985.  The fascinating festival brings in over a million tourists annually.  The sculptures are actually built on site at the Sun Island Park north of the Harbin River (Songhua Jiang) where the ice is plentifully acquired.  The entryway to the festival consists of the snow “art” sculptures, which are enormously beautiful and extend to an area where the “ice” sculptures are erected that displays the extravagant architecture ability of the artist.  The extremely cold temperatures, commonly –13 degrees in January to 23 degrees in July, does not deter the participants and festival visitors.  At night the displays are lit up and the full effect of the craftsmanship and beauty are for everyone to enjoy.  

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