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Museum of History of Moscow 

One of the oldest museums in Moscow is the Museum of History of Moscow.  In 1896, the All Russian Artistic and Industrial exhibition was held in Nizhny Novgorod, with collections based on the exihibits of the pavilion “Moscow.”  The Moscow City Duma ordered the Museum of Moscow Municipal Facilities and Services opened, which provided the city with all amenities, improving its medical and sanitary conditions, in a public education, charity.

            In the past 100 years, the museum has changed its name and location several times.  In 1921, the museum was called Moscow Municipal Museum and was moved to Sukhareva Tower, the restored monument of 17th century.  In 1935, the museum was called Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow and was moved into the building of the Church of John the Theologian “under the Elm”, where it is now located.    

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Pushkin Memorial Museum

The Pushkin Memorial Museum is in the middle of Moscow, which is the center of Moscow cultural life.  There are also galleries, music, theaters, book and antique shops, little cafes and restaurants. 

The Memorial Museum is in the Pushkin’s house in Arbat, since 1986.  This museum has a large collection, to include portraits in oil and water color, rare engravings and lithographs, mahogany and Karelian birch furniture, objects in gilded bronze, leather bound books, journals and annuals. 

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State Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum is in the heart of St. Petersburg.  The unique museum is played by the Winter Palace, the residence of the Russian tsars, which was built in 1754 through 1762.  It took 2.5 centuries to build and contains over 3,000,000 collections of works of art. 

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