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Welcome to Russia!




Below is some information about the best and brightest Russia has to offer when it comes to luxury stay.  You'll want to check out our home page for information about the differences in Russian electricity currents compared to those in the U.S.  There's a difference and you won't want your hair dryer to blow up on when you need it the most!  Enjoy searching through the links to find reservation sites.

The following are prices for some local hotels in Russia:


 Ekaterinburg, Russia

                Oktyabrskaya                       $332.00/room

                Ekaterinburg, Russia

                Location: Close to City Center

                Rating: 3 Stars

                Transhotel                             $518.00

                Rating: 4 Stars

                Location: City Center

St. Petersburg, Russia

                Mini-hotel Comfort              $58.00

                St. Petersburg, Russia

                Location: City Center

                Rating: 3 Stars   OpenForm&ParentUNID=EDA445883ED55261C3256E7D0056C113

                Pribaltiyaskaya                     $67.00

                Rating: 4 Starts

                Location: Close to City Center

 Moscow, Russia

                Hotel Izmailovo Gamma-Delta

                71 Izmaylovskoye

                shosse, Moscow, 105318, Russia

                Tel: + 7 095 166-4127

                Fax: + 7 095 166-7486

                Rating: 3 Stars

                Location: Close to City Center

                Hotel Danilovskaya            

                Danilovski pereulock, Moscow,

                113191, Russia, Russia

                Telephone: +7 +7 095 954-0503

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