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Historical Sites:

The Moscow Kremlin

The Assumption Cathedral was built.  In 1485 through 1495, the Building of the modern Kremlin walls and towers.  In 1487 through 1491, the Construction of the Faceted Chamber.  In 1505 through 1508, the Construction of the Archangelaposs Cathedral. The current exhibitions are listed as follows:

Italy and the Moscow Court

12/17/2004 - 3/1/2005                                                         

Royal and Imperial Hunting

11/2/2004 - 1/31/2005                                                               

Italy-Russia through the Centuries, from Giotto to Malevich

10/1/2004 - 1/9/2005

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Mamayev Hill, located in the Hero’s Square of Stalingrad (a/k/a “Heart of the City“), was established in 1967.  It includes six statues, which are made of reinforced concrete and each are 6 meters high:

Sculpture 1: The Last Grenada

Sculpture 2: Help Me, Sister

Sculpture 3: Striped Death

Sculpture 4: Heroism of the Soviet Commanding Officers

Sculpture 5: Two Soviet Soldiers with Standard

Sculpture 6: Symbol of the Victory

The Hall of Valour is arranged around a hall, with 34 lowered banners of red smalt.  The names of more than 7,000 men, who died in the defense of Stalingrad, are listed.  Sad, gentle music is played softly in the background.  The guards change every hour.  The Hall of Valour is guilt in the form of a cylinder and is partially sunk into the ground.

  The Motherland is the biggest statue in the world; a mother standing guard over her country, her raised sword held high.  The sword is made from stainless steel, which is 29 meters long and weighs 14 tons.

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