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Contemporary Culture


     The effects of a market economy no longer controlled and regulated by the government, have been hurt by questions about rampant crime, drug trafficking, searches for food without hope in some areas, and for the people, a feeling of hopelessness and distraught.

         Nevertheless, a rich culture history still lies embedded in the hearts of Russia's people. Icons, onion domes, the Stalin baroque period, and its art and architecture are all parts to the Russian culture puzzle.  Vistitors are often baffled by the variety of forms with great diversity.  Russia holds such rich artistic history that most art studies include it in its own section of type.  One scholar is told to have said understanding Russian art and its meaning is not as difficult as it appears.  That scholar encourages people to study the art to understand the people and culture, saying knowing just a little about its meaning will bring great insight into the life and heart of the people of Russia and their entire country.

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