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        Winston Churchill described Russia as a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."  Some believe this to be a true picture of the history of its people.  Some may disagree.  Outsiders may view Russia with foggy picture of what it is really like.  But, Russia is a collage of past glory and extravagance mixed with disputes and tough times.  There's the legacy of the great Imperial times, the Soviet era, and today in its republic state.

        The effects of a market economy no longer controlled and regulated by the government, have been hurt by questions about rampant crime, drug trafficking, searches for food without hope in some areas, and for the people, a feeling of hopelessness and distraught. Today, the future of Russia still remains a question as it according to recent news are building back up their defense, including nuclear weapons.  Another question lies in will Russia remain a republic, with the ever increasing power of the presidency.

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