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Underground Psychopathic Newz

Whats up Mutha Fackos...When i get my fuckin website goin ill let u in on the Psychopathic Newz thats goin on out there...This will be the underground website for all the juggalos...not them fukin well known websites. thats not all i'll do...ohh fuk no. I mite put up my pic n shit. Ill have a website of the Week...each week ill have a juggalo or a juggalette of the send me ur pics n some shit about u to my email address. Ill have a quote of the week, song of the week and some other ideas....send me some ideas and ill try to get um up on this mutha facko...alrite welll i gata do some shit...send me some flavor to my email...ill get this fuker goin in a couple days maybe a week until then......PEACE!

Some upcoming flavor

Psycho Mutha Fukin Websites